Carbon Poker Launches

Editor Note: If you live in Nevada, New Jersey or Deleware you can now play for real money at For out of state residents, we recommend has launched a site called Carbon Poker. They have officially turned into a poker room review site. Existing players can still play at by visiting the download page for the old site.

From rumors that I’ve heard, got in trouble for something, hence the major changes and new brand.

That’s the “rumor reason” but from what I’ve been told they are creating this new brand because they want to advertise on TV using the .net version. Because they don’t own they currently can not do so.

Either way the new homepage is actually advertising other poker sites like Pacific Poker.

More Carbon Poker coupon codes are on their way.  I believe we should have some more this month.  You can play at either site but I personally still prefer  There is no point in doing a review because Carbon Poker is exactly the same as

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