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Maryland is one of the top 50 states that really does not like gambling, or should we say the state politicians don’t. It is in fact one of the more popular poker playing states despite a small state of only about 3 million people. Below we discuss Maryland poker sites and the situation with the State.

Editor Note: If you live in Nevada, New Jersey or Deleware you can now play for real money at For out of state residents, we recommend

1. – This poker site is the only poker site accepting all 50 States, and has a solid reputation for protecting their US players.

2. – While they are the only 1 of 2 sites to accept Maryland, I’m not a fan of the site. They have gone downhill after being acquired/partnered with their affiliates, and deposits/withdraws are really slow.

Why is Maryland blocked by so many poker sites, casinos and sportsbooks? Well it’s because their aggressive attempt by the D.O.J. to make headlines and the mighty dollar from seizing “illegal” gambling profits from these companies.

Is it illegal to play online poker in Maryland? As a player it is NOT. It’s somewhat of a long story but the US government made it legal to play poker in the US in 2012. Actually they didn’t make it legal, because it already was. They simply clarified an act that was attempting to shut down a perfectly legal operation of a skill based game.

In 2012 Maryland was on the map again for swiping away from the planet. You’ll notice that if you go to that domain, it says it was seized by the District of Maryland. What they don’t tell you is Bodog is still up and running, just under a different domain. The only thing Maryland State did was piss off Bodog and now you can’t play at their new US site (Bovada) from Maryland.

As poker becomes legal across the lands of the United States we will continue to monitor Maryland poker sites that are licensed in either Nevada or New Jersey.

Unfortunately these licensed sites will only allow poker players to push the mouse for money against citizens of their own state. There will be no nationwide gambling, let alone World Wide Gambling like in the past unless you play at the sites listed above. This is fine for most people as long as they can deposit and their money is safe which at the moment it is.

I personally would play from MD because it’s easy to deposit and they have major backing from their sportsbook so there’s no stress about losing your money.

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