2012 a Good Year for Pennsylvania Gambling Industry

Last year was an exceptionally good year for the state of Pennsylvania, proving beyond a doubt to all critics who questioned the feasibility of introducing casino gambling, that the government made a very wise decision.

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Numbers coming out of the Keystone State show that Pennsylvania is now only second in place behind Nevada in terms of gambling revenue, beating even New Jersey, with its established Atlantic City strip.   Numbers published by Spectrum Gaming Group show that in the twelve month period leading up to October 31st, 2012, slot machines in Pennsylvania brought in $3.1 billion in revenue, compared to Nevada’s $6.8 billion.  In third place was Indiana with $2.3 billion, and New Jersey trailing behind in fourth place with $2.2 billion in slot machine revenues.

Positions were slightly better for New Jersey when it came to revenues from table games, with the state coming in third place $3.1 billion behind Pennsylvania’s second place $3.8 billiion.  Nevada was far ahead of them both with table game revenues totalling $10.9 billion in the twelve month period.

Across the board, the message was clear: New Jersey’s loss is Pennsylvania’s gain.  Where slot revenues dropped in New Jersey, they climbed in Pennsylvania; where Atlantic City revenues dropped, Pennsylvania casinos saw a growth of 7.3% year on year.

Pennsylvania now has eleven active casinos and another is expected to open in the summer.  Philadelphia, in particular, has established itself as the gambling hub of the state, with three casinos in the immediate area and another two a short drive away.  Where once Philadelphians had to drive across the state line to get their casino fix, today they have a range of excellent casinos literally at their doorsteps.


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