2nd Best Damn Poker Show

After the rollicking success of the first season of the Best Damn Poker Show, season two of the show will go on air on the 27th of October.

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The show has been shot at the San Manuel Resort and Casino near Los Angeles. It has been sponsored by the online poker room Ultimate Bet and will be shown on Fox Sports.

The show has the principal brand ambassadors of Ultimate Bet, Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth as instructors to poker players who will be competing for the top spot. It was not easy to select the eighteen contestants because everybody wanted to be on the show. Prospective contestants had to submit a video in which they had to state why Ultimate Bet should consider them for the show. Then there was a live audition held during the 2008 World Series of Poker. Ultimate Bet also ran qualifiers.

The contestants are a motley lot from all over America. Among them are body builders, actors, businesspersons, financial experts, artists, electricians, attorneys, students and screenplay writers. There are five women and nineteen men. The youngest is 22 year and the oldest is 58 years. Niago sunshine Wilson calls marriage her greatest risk whereas Donna LaDuke calls it her greatest achievement. Lynne Samples and Scott Clark consider their greatest achievement as still being alive. The youngest of the group, Anthony Wind, recalls his most embarrassing moment as misreading “organism” as “orgasm” in his biology exam. Shaundle Pruitt was the first one in his family to graduate and always carries a 2-dollar bill while playing as his lucky charm. One of them has already achieved the pinnacle of success. She is Christina Lindley, actress and model. Christina plays at Ultimate Bet under the name of Lindleyloo and has the twin ambition of winning an Academy award and being the first woman to win a WSOP Main Event. Only time will tell who will make it big in the poker world after the Best Damn poker Show.

Name and fame awaits the winner. Tracy Scala, who came first in Season 1 of the Best Damn Poker Show is today a “Star Player” for Ultimate Bet. To be named in the same breath as Annie and Hellmuth and not to forger Tiffany Michelle is some achievement. And when Annie says, “With unmatched integrity, consistent wins under his belt, and an undisputed high level of skill, Tracy Scala represents everything a Star Player should be” it is the proverbial icing on the cake. Keith W, a participant of Season 1 who did not make it as big, nevertheless said that the Best Damn Poker Show has changed his life. “Being selected for the BDPS has steamrolled my poker career. Everything that follows was a result of the Best Damn Poker Show.”

The sheet anchors of the Best Damn Poker Show, Annie and Hellmuth need no introduction. It is largely if not solely because of their continued association with the poker room that Ultimate Bet has been able to come out of the superuser scandal unscathed and retains a place in the top ten online poker rooms.

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