Adelson’s Attempts to Ban Online Gambling Prove to be Unpopular

adelson2No less than 90% of attendees at last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference opposed efforts by Sheldon Adelson to ban online gambling on a federal level. Results from a poll commissioned by the Institute of Liberty show that Adelson’s policy to back bills that call for federal anti-gambling laws was highly unpopular.

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According to an opinion piece in The Hill, written by Andrew Langer and entitled Conservatives oppose Adelson’s federal gambling ban, the results confirm that the majority of conservative activists oppose the reintroduction of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act.

“Conservatives see RAWA for what it is – one of the worst forms of crony capitalism in Congress today.,” writes Langer, the president of the Institute of Liberty. “RAWA is nothing short of an effort by one of the richest men in the world to ban a form of competition for his brick and mortar casino empire – and everyone knows it. Worse yet, he is even willing to trample on the Constitution to do it.”

“A core component of federalism is the right of states to govern themselves,” writes Langer. “Gambling has always fallen under that rubric. Some states allow for liberal gaming laws while others, like Utah and Hawaii, bar gambling all together. That is how things are supposed to be.”

Langer describes Adelson as “tenacious”. He writes: “Despite running into a brick wall of opposition, he is again trying to impose his will via Congress.”

Despite these ongoing efforts, however, RAWA does not seem to be advancing in the legal pipelines, probably due to the fact that it so unpopular in many circles, not only among Conservative political activists. While it is unlikely that Adelson will halt his efforts in the short term, the chances of him succeeding in his battle seem to be slim at this point.

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