Bad Beats Setting Records

Online poker rooms offer “bad beat jackpots” as incentives for players to participate in the cash games. Of late the amount of the poker bad beat jackpots at various online poker rooms have shown a steady increase, indicating that despite the legal issues involved, online poker is growing at a fast rate.

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Recently the largest bad beat jackpot till date was hit at the online poker room, Carbon Poker. This happened on Friday the 13th of February. Friday the 13th is generally considered to be an ominous date, but for one online player named “Ruggio” it proved to be very lucky. “Ruggio” was playing at the low stakes $0.50/$1.00 cash tables when he held a jack high straight flush. He naturally expected to win with that hand, but at those stakes it would never be a life changing amount. As things turned out, another player, “AELANI”, held a king high straight flush and “Ruggio” lost.

But this loss resulted in the bad beat jackpot being hit. At that time the jackpot was a staggering $1.2 million. This hit was the largest bad beat jackpot in the history of online poker. The loser of the bad beat jackpot gets the maximum share and “Ruggio” won $417,396, an amount he could have never won had he won the hand. The eventual winner gets the next largest chunk, and therefore “AELANI” won $208,698 from the bad beat jackpot. The five other players at the table won $41,739 each for being part of the scenery. The balance amount went to the site towards costs and towards seeding the new jackpot. The bad beat jackpot started afresh immediately at $240,000.

“Ruggio” was ecstatic at the news. He said, “My first reaction when I saw that I hit a piece of the Jackpot was ‘oh my God’, I am paying for college completely on my own through student loans so first and foremost I thought about how I would be able to pay off all my student loans and start my life in the real world debt-free.”

The previous largest hit was at $1,013,381.63. This happened on the 14th of August 2008 at the online poker room Party Poker. That too was hit at $0.50/$1.00 cash tables. The pot that time was a paltry $24. Prior to that the record hit was $992,000. In 2007 the bad beat jackpots were routinely hit at around the $500,000 level.

The future holds even higher amounts. On the 19th of February, The Ultimate Bet bad beat jackpot was hit for $1.18 million, just $2,000 under the record. Had it been hit a day later the online poker world would have already got a new record.

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