Cake Poker Blocking Kentucky

Cake Poker Blocking KentuckyIt has been confirmed that Cake Poker, as of today is blocking players from the state of Kentucky.

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Official word came through a forum post with the error message graphic shown in this article.

Being that the domain name Cake Poker was hosted at Godaddy, and Godaddy said they would transfer domains over it is not a shock that Cake poker was added to the list of banned Kentucky poker sites in the United States.

Cake Poker Kentucky Error

The problem now is, this IP blocking is very spotty.  Some citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky will still be able to login to Cake Poker despite the IP ban.  Why is this?  It’s because their Internet Provider might not be in the state of Kentucky.

My thought on that is Cake Poker, and other sites for that matter will simply place some sort of filter so that even if you do get through and download the software you won’t be able to enter Kentucky as your state of residence etc.

The poker sites need to be very careful because if they can’t prove that they are effectively blocking Kentucky citizens their domain will be ceased which will create a huge loss in revenue and seo rankings.

While this is a big deal, it’s really not a big deal.  There are still plenty of US online poker sites that players from Kentucky can play.  There are bigger fish to fry right now, such as the finalization of the UIGEA regulations.  We will soon have an article from Mr. I Nelson Rose which covers those topics as well.

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