Cake Poker Network Admits to Security Breach

The Cake Poker Network issued a statement yesterday admitting that its security standards were not as high as was claimed and that it was urgently working on the changing the current status.

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Poker Table Ratings published a warning on its site on Tuesday that it had managed to breach Cake Poker’s security by stealing hole cards as they were dealt, and accessing passwords and user names from a number of poker sites that work off the network.

The embarrassing disclosure led to Cardroom Manager, Lee Jones issuing the following text:

“Here’s a status update on the security vulnerability in the Cake Poker software which was reported yesterday. Our development team replicated the described scenario and confirmed that a vulnerability exists which can be addressed to strengthen the security of the Cake Poker software. We take this very seriously and have mobilized a team of senior engineers to address the problem. In short, we are adding an SSL layer to secure all communication between our servers and the client software. We’ve got everybody who can possibly help on this and will get the development and testing jobs completed as soon as humanly possible.”

In a thread that Jones responded to on the 2Plus2 poker forum, he recalled how he was told by the PTR team that the Cake Poker Network’s security was flawed.

“Somewhere along the software ladder, there was an error of omission, commission, stupidity, documentation or some combination thereof. I’m not happy about it and neither is the manager to whom I spoke,” he wrote.

Jones also said he felt “crappy” about having said in recent months that Cake Poker had a stronger encryption than the Cereus network.

“I owe the entire Cake poker community an apology,” he said. “I am very, very sorry.”

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