Connecticut Lawmakers Hold Press Conference on Sports Betting

ConnecticutA press conference was recently held by three important Connecticut lawmakers who discussed the option of bringing legal sports betting to the state. House Speaker Joseph Aresimowicz, Rep. Joe Verrengia, chairman for the Public Safety and Security Committee, and House Majority Leader Matthew Ritter, spoke about where Connecticut currently stands on the subject of legalizing and regulating sports betting.

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They outlined plans to hold a special informational forum on the first of the month, with a number of sports betting representatives, as well as representatives from the NBA and MLB being present.

A week later, another hearing will be held, this time with a wider number of gambling topics on the agenda.

Verrengia said: “The Public Safety Committee has its plate full when it comes to gaming issues. I thought the timing of having a forum, a national perspective on gaming — including casino gaming, sports betting, fantasy sports, off-track betting — it would be a good time to invite leaders in those industries to come to Connecticut and give us a sense of what’s happened at the national level, and give the committee members an opportunity to get the lay of the landscape and ask those leaders questions.”

What was interesting was that the three made several mentions of online gambling, which makes industry-watchers believe that Connecticut is after more than a legalized sports betting industry.

“The world has changed, even since we’ve done the compact,” Aresimowiczz said. “You can now gamble online. This is a new area; we believe we should have the discussions.”

“We’ll work with the attorneys; we’ll work with the committees, and we’ll work with the Attorney General’s office to ensure whatever we pass looks out for the state of Connecticut number one, and then our many providers throughout the state,” he added.

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