Daniel Negreanu Starts PokerVT.com

Daniel Negreanu is a big name in poker and his “Small Ball” strategy is something poker players have always wanted to know about.

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Negreanu and some others will personally coach players in an interactive manner, revealing to them some of the hitherto best-kept secrets in the world of poker.

This kind of stuff surely wasn’t around when I started playing but I think it’s great for the game in general.  Just finding a good online strategy site to talk poker with was hard to find.

Negreanu waxes eloquent about PokerVT. Announcing the release of this new training platform he said, “I was just waiting for the perfect place to share with everyone, and at PokerVT.com, I can comfortably say that we have set the bar for training sites at an all time high with our depth of content and cutting edge technology.” The “VT” stands for Virtual Training. The take off on PokerTV cannot be missed. According to Negreanu his proprietary training system will not only provide individual lessons from experts including him but will also provide continuous testing so members can keep track of their progress.

PokerVT has some amazing features in store. To start with the game that will be taught is Negreanu’s favorite Texas Hold’Em Poker. The thought processes of pros and amateurs were recorded by them during live action. Now Negreanu will take his students through those though processes pointing out the master moves and the errors. The course does not stop at recorded games. It will feature real games with the pros associated with PokerVT, with each pro explaining the reasons for his or her actions. Then there is the interactive game called like D’s Nuts in which users learn to identify the first, second and third “nuts” in real time. And there is the N-SPAT (Negreanu-Swayne Poker Aptitude Test) that will reveal how much users have imbibed of the lessons taught. In all there are over 300 interactive training to begin with and Negreanu promises that more are underway. PokerVT caters to the complete range of poker players from the beginners to the almost professionals.

The technology for Poker VT is provided by LightSpeed VT, that has among its clients names like EBay and General Motors. Negreanu’s vast knowledge will be the mainstay of PokerVT, but there will be inputs from others. Professor Charley Swayne will teach learners the computation of probabilities of getting winning hands. Poker pros such as Paul Wasicka, Adam Junglen, JC Alvarado, BooostedJ and Annette_15 will reveal how to handle the pressure of real action.

PokerVT will be available to members round the clock, seven days a week. The user system requirements are so minimal that almost any computer will do. The subscribers will obviously need an Internet connection.

Daniel Negreanu is not only the brains behind PokerVT but also its brand equity. He is one of the most successful professionals with three WSOP bracelets and two WPT titles. He has almost $10 million in tournament winnings and stands fifth on that list. He has been associated with several poker rooms, both online and land based, which include Full Contact Poker, PokerStars and the Bellagio in Las Vegas. If there is something missing from his resume it is a listing in the Poker Hall of Fame.

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