Delaware Releases Online Gambling Regulations

The general public has just under a month to comment on new online gambling regulations that the State of Delaware is hoping to finalize by September this year.  27 pages of regulations were published on Friday, outlining the different clauses that will make up the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012 which was introduced last year.  Delaware was the first state to introduce a state online gambling bill and was later joined by Nevada and New Jersey.

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Under the new laws, Delaware will allow a full range of online casino and poker games which will be overseen by the State Lottery.  The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement will have absolute authority to accept or reject applications by potential online gambling operators, and will determine whether they fit the criteria set by the state.

Unlike Nevada, Delaware’s new online gambling bill does not feature a ‘bad actor clause’, however, the Division of Gaming Enforcement may reject an applicant that has been convicted of felony or gambling related crimes in the past decade.  Online gambling operators can also be excluded if they are found to be in contact with or employing individuals of bad moral character.

Some of the stages of the licensing application procedure may be skipped should the operator already hold a gambling license from another jurisdiction with the same high standards set by Delaware.  These include authority from states such as Nevada and New Jersey.

Only those who are physically located in Delaware and are 21 years old or over may access the state’s new online gambling platforms, according to the new proposals.

The public has been given until July 31st to comment on the new regulations, and the state will take all reasonable comments into account before deciding whether to pass the bill in its present form or make changes.


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