Doylesroom Closed – Doyles room Shutdown with FBI Warning

Update: Doylesroom was liquidated and all assets were sold to the Winning Poker Network. If you want to play on this new Network we recommend True Poker. Otherwise you can choose from a proper site if you live in the United States on this page.

Editor Note: One of the most legitimate and popular poker sites for real money and available to all 50 states is (verified main sponsor)

The popular well known poker site for its previous backer, has officially been closed by the FBI today.  It is now showing dual warnings by the US government.  This poker site, which was not popular in size was popular in name, but that was lost only a couple weeks ago when Doyle Brunson said he would no longer support “Doyles Room” as a face of the site, now it appears the site will become a part of online poker histories ghostly past.

This shutdown of Doylesroom was part of 10 other domains to be seized by the government of the United States in a mad rush to force many gambling sites away from US players and bettors.  As was just mentioned Bookmaker closed and basically just renamed their website into one which the US government can’t seize,  It is very unlikely that the government will get anything out of attempting to “kill” these offshore sportsbetting sites due to the large business from the United States and the fact that they were already knowingly running an illegal operation and have safeguards in place such as living in indictable countries, anyone see “Fast Five” yet?

As Doyles room shuts down, those at the Cake Network such as are thriving on their new found gold mine of US accepted players.  Not only are these willing an eager players but they are now being pooled into one large Network instead of across many poker rooms.  As players get back into the routine of playing online poker, the Merge Network will continue to grow into a power horse as long as the FBI doesn’t find a way to close them down.

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