Full Tilt Poker Check Delays 2007

We contacted Full Tilt Poker to ask what was causing the delays in checks. The operations manager, Mike, contacted us in regards to ours and players concerns.

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Here is the email that we got back from Fulltiltpoker.  I inserted the questions that I asked in bold so you don’t have to read two emails.  All in all it was nice to see they carry cash reserves to cover all funds but I was a little disappointed as to why he avoided the question of “Why Fed-ex is not an option.”


Hello, Roger.

Thanks for your email.

Full Tilt Poker will certainly continue to provide checks as a means of
cashing out your funds.  We do realize that the delay you are
experiencing is frustrating to you, and believe me, we share that

What is the exact reason why checks are delayed?
At this time, we are not at liberty to discuss the reasoning behind the
delay in processing checks, other than to state that the issues are
related to our current check processing service.  We hope you understand
our position on this, but for security purposes we simply cannot discuss
the situation in detail.  Rest assured we are working very hard behind
the scenes to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, and we will
advise all of our players the moment that resolution is reached.

Does Full Tilt have cash reserves to cover all players funds?

As for your question on cash on hand, Full Tilt Poker always has cash
available to cover all the withdrawal needs of our players, as it would
be a horrendous business practice not to do so.  There has never been a
time when Full Tilt Poker was unable to meet a cashout request due to a
lack of funds, and we are confidently state that there never will be
such a time.  Your money, and the money of all of our players, is truly
safe with us.

Is it true you can only cash out $600 from epassporte?
Regarding restrictions when cashing out to ePassporte, the only
restriction imposed upon Full Tilt Poker by ePassporte is that each
cashout must be for $5,000 or less. However, you can initiate as many
$5,000 cashouts to ePassporte in one day as you wish. The restriction to
which you refer is one implemented by ePassporte upon its customers, and
in no way is influenced or imposed by Full Tilt Poker.  Any questions
regarding restrictions on withdrawing funds from ePassporte to your
checking account should be addressed to ePassporte customer support
directly at 1.877.372.7790.

Your best alternative for a payment processor would be MyWebATM.
MyWebATM is exclusive to our players, and may be the right choice

Roger, we truly appreciate your patience to date and thank you for your
loyal patronage of Full Tilt Poker.  We do realize you have a choice in
the online poker marketplace, and we are very happy you continue to
choose the fastest growing online poker site on the planet.  If there\’s
anything else we can help you with, please don\’t hesitate to ask.  Best
of luck at the tables, and beyond.


Operations Manager
Full Tilt Poker Support

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