Full Tilt Poker Lawyers Quit Lawsuit? Jeff Ifrah

Speculation is high over reasons why two lawyers representing Full Tilt Poker defendants named in a class action lawsuit against the online poker site have announced that they want to step down as ‘attorneys of record’.

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Both David Deitch and Jeff Ifrah said in their motion earlier this week that “continued representation of Defendants would create unreasonable difficulty for us to carry our employment effectively and would result in an unreasonable financial burden to our law firm.” Besides understanding that the pair want out, there is nothing much more that is clear in this statement.

Why do you want out from the class action?

There are three possible reasons. One is that they are scared for their own personal safety. Let’s face it; there are tens of thousands of players out there who are frustrated and angry about the fact that Full Tilt hasn’t paid them out the money owed to them since April. Since there is nobody to take their frustrations out on from the site, because nobody from Full Tilt has been man enough to make a public statement and take responsibility, the anger is now directed to Jeff Ifrah who has become, whether he likes it or not, the face of Full Tilt since Black Friday. Does he feel that it’s all becoming too much for him?

Another reason could be that the pair of lawyers is simply playing for time. In October, a ‘dismiss motion’ is due to be heard in the class action case. Say, theoretically, that the lawyers quit and another team has to step into their shoes: They could easily claim that they aren’t familiar with the case and could ask for more time. This tactic has possibly been used in the past, and could be a likely option this time around.

Finally, if we look at the wording of the statement “would result in an unreasonable financial burden to our law firm”, are we to understand that Full Tilt Poker simply cannot pay the law firm for their services any longer?

As usual, we’ll wait for details in the ongoing FTP saga to unfold.

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