How Much Pros Make On Full Tilt

How Much Pros Make On Full TiltSo how much do the “Name” pros make at Full Tilt Poker. I’m not talking about the online grinders but the big guns that Full Tilt pays to play.

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According to a few people, the amounts vary from player to player. A guy like Mike Matusow gets paid more because he is constantly getting TV exposure.

I know you want exact figures but it’s almost like these guys sign a contract saying they won’t say how much they make.

About a few months ago Antonio Esfandiari said he made somewhere around $12.50 an hour at Ultimate Bet.  Weak you say, well yes it is.  Not taking anything away from Antonio but he doesn’t draw big crowds like Phil Ivey or Eric Lindgren that play Fulltiltpoker on a daily basis.

Some also get flat fees to play and some are on a pay per play plan.  Also the bigger guns like Howard Lederrer are said to have large stock options of private stock in Tiltware.

So how much do the pros make?  I can assure you this, poker pros make a lot more in endorsements than they do playing.  Online poker is big money and big names draw big crowds.  The names create viral buzz which made Full Tilt Poker take off in the first place.  They owe a lot of their success to the names backing them.

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