Ivey Back in the Full Tilt Poker Fold

Phil Ivey, considered the world’s best online poker player of all times, is back to his old haunting grounds, after it was revealed this week that he has returned to Full Tilt Poker under a new alias.  Following Black Friday in April last year, when US authorities slam dunked online poker rooms serving US customers, Ivey was forced to leave Full Tilt Poker and turn his attention to the site’s then-arch-rival-now-new-owner, Poker Stars.

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Over the years, Ivey went through a love-hate relationship with Full Tilt Poker.  First and foremost, he has won over $19 million playing at the site which should count for some loyalty.  When Full Tilt Poker dragged out payment to its players following Black Friday, Ivey protested on their behalf, even going so far as to declare that he wouldn’t be taking part in last summer’s World Series of Poker tournament as an act of empathy for those players who couldn’t afford to take part.

Things turned ugly for a bit when Ivey threatened Full Tilt Poker with a $150 million lawsuit after the site continued to decline payment to its former players, but those charges were dropped when FTP reached a three way deal with Poker Stars and the Department of Justice, and plans were made to pay back all non-US players.  Incidentally, US players are still waiting for their millions of dollars in cash still owed to them by Full Tilt Poker.

It seems that Ivey missed his home turf too much to stay mad and, according to reports, is now back to playing at Full Tilt Poker under the alias Polarizing.  Since he made his comeback last week, he has made at least $150,000 playing high stakes games.

Phil Ivey is also extremely busy with his latest venture – an online poker training site called IveyPoker.com, which promises to teach players how to really play the game.

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