Mastercard Blocks US Poker, Casino and Sportsbook Deposits, VISA Next?

A major form of depositing into poker sites, online casinos and online sportsbooks is by using credit cards by US citizens. This method was blocked today by Mastercard after figuring out how gaming sites were manipulating the coding.

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As it was, online gambling sites were supposed to be coded as “gambling” thus not allowed to be used to deposit for US gamblers. According to numerous gambling sites, including the ones we contacted (Doylesroom, Bodog, Absolute Poker, and UltimateBet) Mastercard is not a deposit option anymore. At least not at the moment.

The method of “uncoding” gambling transactions has been figured out by Master Card whom is known for their more proactive efforts in stopping online gaming in the United States.

Their counterpart, VISA credit card has yet to figure out how to stop uncoded transactions. VISA is still being used widely by poker and casino players in the USA.

This is not the first time Mastercard has “Figured it Out” only to be duped by the gambling sites later on. In previous years it took only 2 months for gaming sites to have the deposit method up and running again.

As you can see, the UIGEA has created a cat and mouse game with gambling operators and so far, despite minor setbacks the gaming sites are walking away with hundreds of billion of dollars in US player gaming revenues that could be taxed to aid the US economy.

This Mastercard issue is said to be the first of many newly found ways to block transactions because of the UIGEA, despite the fact the UIGEA is not currently law as of right now. It is on a 6 month hiatus until the Federal Reserve can figure out how to deal with nearly impossible to enforce rules inside of the UIGEA.

Other deposit methods such as Echecks, Ewalletexpress, Usemywallet and pre-paid VISA cards continue to function. We will be following this issue closely as more develops in the US depositing forefront.

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