New US Online Gambling Bill in the Pipeline

A new online gambling bill that looks remarkably similar to Barney Frank’s HR2267 was introduced by Congressman Frank, together with his Republican colleague John Campbell. The Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act is almost an exact replica of HR2267 that managed to move so far through the House Financial Services Committee last year, making the same provisions to protect underage and problem gamblers and to prevent money laundering.

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It is hoped that Frank’s teaming with a Republican will help the new bill move beyond the House of Representatives this year and move onto the House floor for a vote.

Of course, a major obstacle this time around will be the Head of the House Financial Services Committee, Spenser Bacchus – a staunch anti-gambling politician in the Republican led Congress. Bacchus will most likely opt to leave the bill on the wayside and not pick the proposed bill to be addressed by its committee in Congress, as is his job to do.

The bill will also need to be introduced on the House floor by the Speaker of the House who is the Republican John Boehner.

Analysts believe that this is the year for online poker in the United States, if not from a federal level such as the one proposed by Frank, then from a state level, such as those being pushed through in New Jersey, California and Nevada. The United States continues to lose billions of dollars each year in revenue that can be generated from tax imposed on the industry.

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