Online Gambling Processor Tzvetkoff ‘s Release = Trail of Speculation

Is Daniel Tzvetkoff, the Australian millionaire who was charged with illegal online gambling processing by US authorities, cooperating with Justice Department officials?

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It has been reported in a number of media outlets that the 27 year old Tzvetkoff was secretly released on bail and is now living in a safe house in the United States.

Earlier this year, Tzvetkoff was arrested while attending a gambling conference in Las Vegas. The young entrepreneur’s e-cash processing business in Australia had recently collapsed and it was claimed that he owed millions of dollars. It is speculated that one of his creditors tipped off US authorities that he would be in the country attending the conference.

Tzvetkoff was instantly remanded in New York and kept on a number of federal charges. In April, he was charged with processing $500 million in transactions for US online gaming sites.

However, it has now been reported that Tzvetkoff has been mysteriously released on bail – fuelling speculation that he is cooperating with justice department officials over the charges brought against him.

A former FBI special agent, Harold Copus spoke to the Australian and said that it is his opinion that Tzvetkoff has turned informant and is helping the authorities nab others who are involved in online gambling payment processing in the US.

“He’s turned the corner, seen the light and is cooperating,” said Copus. The former agent’s career focused on money laundering investigations in the US.

Copus speculates that Tzvetkoff may have struck a plea bargain with prosecutors in return for a recommended lighter prison sentence.

The Australian is set to make a court appearance over his charges in June 2011, however it is not clear whether this date will now be changed following the new circumstances.

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