Paradise Poker Real Money Closed to US Players

Paradise Poker has officially stopped real money play for US citizens today.

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The decision to stop United States citizens from playing for real money at Paradise Poker was made sometime last month.  It was not until this morning did Paradise Poker officially stop all real money play for the US.  Paradise Poker has now been removed from the list of poker sites accepting US players.  Here is the email sent to U.S. players.

Hello Roger,

Thank you for your email.

As of Midnight EST on November 13th 2006, we are unable to allow any US players to play for real money on Paradise Poker. Please be assured that US accounts held on Paradise will still be accessible and players will have the ability to cashout their remaining funds.

We very much regret the unfortunate environment in the United States that has prompted us to take these steps. Should there be any positive changes regarding the legal landscape, we will certainly inform players immediately.

For those interested, we recommend visiting , a group that has been organized to represent the rights and interests of American poker players.

We thank you very much for your patronage over the years and remain hopeful that the day will come when the U.S. will join much of the rest of the world in recognizing the sense behind regulating, rather than the prohibiting online poker.

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