Pennsylvania Poker Dealer Nabbed in Chip Theft

A dealer at a casino in Pennsylvania was nabbed by casino security and charged by police for stealing from poker games while he was dealing during work hours. Matthew Eisenberg was booked for the theft of chips worth over $500 at the River Casino in Pittsburgh, PA.

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According to the police, the 25 year old had been a regular dealer at the casino but it was noticed that his pots were getting slightly lighter in recent weeks. His modus operandi was relatively simple – he would move chips to the value of $1 and $5 from the pot with his right hand, and slipping them away. He allegedly then pushed the remaining pot to the winner of the hand and go about collecting the cards to ready for the next round. While others weren’t looking, he’d then move the stolen chips into his tip box.

Police say that Eisenberg managed this maneuver over 100 times, pocketing himself over $500 in ‘tips’.

Eisenberg’s moves were so smooth and unsuspicious that even casino security and players didn’t notice anything amiss. However, dealers need to report their tip amounts, and this is where he was caught out. Management became suspicious after he went from earning around $200 in tips on an average day to over $500 in one day.

This point was brought to the attention of security who went back to watch tapes of Eisenberg’s table and after careful scrutiny, it was noticed how he was cheating players out of their chips.

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