Phil Helmuth’s Business Side of Poker

Phil Helmuth says poker pros make $1-2 million for a decent year. He says he can make $100 million.

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In a recent interview done by Bluff Magazine Phil Helmuth talked about how much poker pros make each year. While he says on an average year a good poker pro can make $1-2 million playing side games and tournaments he can make $100 million in a couple years doing poker business.

Phil Helmuth is busy these days and it’s not always with poker. Phil Helmuth says he has moved his life out of playing poker literally. Phil still plays in the occasional tournament but he says that is not where his focus is on. Phil says he is more of a business man than anything else these days. Phil has even moved away from Las Vegas to focus on his family and the more important things in life. He is busy selling sunglasses for poker, making poker video games and writing poker books. Phil says he can even get $50k just for making appearances.

Phil makes it well known that he has won several World Series of Poker tournaments. Phil has even said himself that he is starting to doubt his chances at winning another one. With the World Series of Poker getting so big many pros are finding it harder and harder to win at the WSOP. Some players have stated that they do it more for publicity than anything.

In the latest GSN High Stakes Poker television show many of the poker pros spoke out about Phil’s cash game play. To make a long show short they were licking their chops when Phil sat down. Daniel Negraneau was quite boisterous about Phil’s cash game play and said he just wasn’t that good. Of course Phil denied every bit of it as he lost over $100k of his own money within a matter of minutes. Maybe he should stick to the business and tournament side.

This 42 year old Wisconsin native has made quite a name for himself. Whether it’s a name he can be proud of some may wonder. His World Series of Poker titles do show for themselves but Phil’s business may be taking him in another direction.

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