Poker Girls as Cover Girls

Poker magazines can vie for newsstand space with fashion magazines and get the better of them.

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The ladies of the world of poker can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of the super models and take the honors.

This is not idle talk. Lacey Jones let the cat out of the bag when she revealed that Bluff magazine will be “shooting four sexy ladies on four different covers” for their fourth anniversary issue coming out in November. In her blog at PokerListings she said, “… I’ll be in my favorite place – the Pump Room, Borgata’s badass gym. It has everything … even this new machine I’ve never seen before that kicks my butt!” Lacey was in Atlantic City for a tournament. She had a valid reason for spending loads of time in the gym. She was one of the ladies chosen by Bluff to grace their cover. Lacey promised to put up pictures of the shoot but must have forgotten about it, because the preview pictures came to the poker world from another source.

Christina Lindley put them up on her blog at the web site of Bluff magazine itself. Apparently Christina and Lacey will be on the cover together. The shoot was at the Lavo at the Palazzo. And when Christina and Lacey realized that all they would be allowed to wear was lingerie they decided to get drunk a bit. Christina writes in her blog, “Let’s face it, if we were going to be shooting half naked the entire day, during the day, at a club in front of the entire staff there and our crew, we really couldn’t be stone cold sober, lol.” They shot in several outfits and even shot a few pillow fight scenes. However the picture that Christina has put up has her and Lacey in “little more than underwear and high heels” as Wicked Chops Poker puts it. Wicked Chops adds that the only way the cover could get sexier would be to put a shirtless Patrik Antonius on it.

Christina says in her blog that she and poker hottie Lacey Jones are good friends and that is probably why Bluff has them on the cover together. Christina first met Lacey during the World Series of Poker 2008 and they bonded immediately. Christina is new to poker and she at once saw that female players do not share the same camaraderie that male players do. So she is encouraging poker girls to band around her and Lacey. Those who have joined the group include Esther Taylor “ETAY”, Maria Ho and Joy Miller. And Christina seems to think that Bluff got the idea of the shoot when they saw the girls “traveling together, taking pieces of each other, encouraging and talking shop, hanging out and coaching all the time”.

If things go well for Lacey she could be in another shoot as well. She wrote in her blog, “Keep your fingers crossed! I have a small chance to be in their calendar, the famous Borgata Babes. If you don’t know about these girls, you’re missing out.” Everyone knows about these girls and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed.

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