Poker Pro Beth Shak’s Shoe Fetish Makes Headlines

Poker pro Beth Shak is making headlines of a different kind. Besides her excellent poker skills, Shak’s fetish for shoes is so notable that she is even featured in a documentary entitled God Save My Shoes that is soon to be aired. What is interesting though, is that while Shak has reportedly made around $500,000 in live tournament winnings over her career, this is what her shoe collection is estimated to be worth. How then, does she afford to keep her feet in the height of luxury, all the time living in a stunning home and making a very nice living for herself? She may be dabbling in online poker to supplement her income and feed her fetish, it seems.

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The documentary shows how Shak owns nearly 1,200 pairs of designer shoes, and 700 of them are Christian Louboutin, which come with a hefty price tag. One pair is so unique that it has gold heels and real diamonds, and is one of only 10 pairs in the world (Victoria Beckham also owns a pair).

If Shak wants to keep buying designer shoes, she’ll need to improve her track record on the green felt. She hasn’t had any cashes since December 2010, when she won 11th place in a World Series of Poker Circuit event, bagging herself $26,232.

Shak’s most noteworthy performance was in 2007 when she famously beat world champ Phil Hellmuth in a WSOP No Limit Hold em event, taking second place in the competition and winning $328,683.

Shak will feature alongside Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland and Fergie on the Today show and in the pages of Women’s Wear Daily to promote the new documentary.

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