Poker World Reacts to Vegas Shooting

bilzerianTen days after the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, in which 58 people died, comments and reactions to the massacre keep pouring in from the industry. The poker world, which is so intertwined with the city of Las Vegas as a whole, and Mandalay Bay Casino especially, was naturally shocked by the news.

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Perhaps the poker player who was closest to the event physically – and as a consequence also emotionally – was Dan Bilzerian who managed to capture some of the horrors on his mobile phone. Bilzerian’s 22.7 million followers on Instagram were shown live footage of screaming crowds who were fleeing Stephen Paddock’s deadly weapons as they attended a music festival. As shots are heard in the background, a visibly shaken Bilzerian screams that a girl has just been shot right next to him. “It’s f*&#g crazy!” he shouts. Bilzerian, an avid gun enthusiast, left the scene of the shooting to run home and get his firearm, but by the time he returned, there was nothing more that could be done.

Professional poker player, Danielle Anderson also took to social media to express her shock and despair about the shooting. “DmoonGirl” wrote on Twitter: “I hope I never hear the name or see the face of the coward responsible for this. Do not spread his message. Leave him as the nobody he is.”

Five-time WSOP bracelet winner and WSOP Player of the Year in 2016, Jason Mercier wrote: “So sad to wake up to this. Praying for Vegas, praying for humanity.”

James Wood, poker player and professional actor also tweeted his message, turning his attention to those who reacted to the shooting and endangered their own lives to try and save others. “Thanks to all first responders, police officers, and every civilian who thought of others first at the risk of their own lives,” he wrote.

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