PokerStars Makes Changes to Satellite Prizes

pokerstarsThe online poker room, PokerStars has made a number of changes that should satisfy recreational players. The site has decided to limit the number of live poker packages and seats that can be won by players to just one per person. This change to PokerStars’ satellite tournaments was given mainly positive feedback.

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“While recreational players dream of winning the poker experience of a lifetime with PokerStars, a fortunate and skilled few win multiple packages and seats to our live events, when they can only use one of them,” wrote PokerStars in a statement this week. “These players have taken advantage of a system that allowed them to profit from winning against recreational or less experienced players. While this hasn’t been against the rules, it doesn’t make for as enjoyable experience as we would hope. The practice has, in fact, been off-putting for many, as we are seeing an increasing number of recreational players not even attempting to qualify for live events. This means that they are as a group less likely to experience the excitement that comes from playing live and the further investment in the poker world that comes from playing in a major live event.”

Poker Stars said that, beginning with the qualifiers for PokerStars Festival Dublin, it has implemented changes with the hope of introducing better balance to the distribution of packages and seats. It said that, for the first time ever at the site, there will be a limit on the number of packages and seats that can be won by an individual player.

“Players can now win only one full package and one seat,” said PokerStars. “This limitation will, we hope, make sense to the majority of you and stand to reason as being fair. We believe the change will create a more level playing field for all that want to visit our lower buy-in Festivals or experience the glitz and glamour of one of our bigger Championship events.”

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