The Future of Mac Poker

Where Mac poker stands and what is going to happen?

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Well us Mac users know nothing is easy when it comes to competing with Windows users and there will always be problems. Our operating systems just are not compatible with a lot of things.

Apple seems to be working on getting this stuff figured out to try and make our life easier. While purchasing Virtual PC software is by no means a great fix, it might start getting better. We can expect the next generation of Virtual PC’s to run much faster. Yippee you say. For right now it’s better than the old VPC’s where they had to translate Power PC calls which are kind of sluggish.

So what is the answer to this constant problem? The answer might be coming sooner than you think. For those of you who are not familiar with a Dual Boot it is a concept of running two operating systems on one computer, but not simultaneously. Of course Mac users can not do this right now or I wouldn’t be talking about it. Linux users are familiar with this because this is how they run their poker and casino programs.

Apple just launched the Intel Duo Core but unfortunately they use something called EFI chips rather than the BIOS chips which are not good for us when it comes to Windows compatibility and performing Dual Boots.

So where do we stand? We’ve got to sit back and wait for poker rooms to see the light for Mac poker players or for Microsoft to get stepping on better compatibility programs. It will have enhanced features but will not solve the issues at hand. It is truly up to the poker rooms to decide Mac poker player’s fate. Either that or some hacker is going to figure it out and get rich.

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