Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker Cliff Notes
  • Recently reopened worldwide and is now the 2nd largest US accepted poker site.
  • They are home of a Bad Beat Jackpot that ranges from $200k to over $1million.
  • The software has a lot of features to it, all sorts of animations and stuff like that.
Bonus 100% up to $600

Carbon Poker Review

Carbon Poker came out in 2007, and it is on the fast track to becoming a world famous poker room – if it has not done so already, at least within the US. They are part of the Merge Gaming network, which provides the poker players with a reliable source for entertainment. All US players are welcome to play at the Carbon poker tables, and have been doing so for some time now, making Carbon the number one (#1) US friendly poker room available, and biggest too; in addition, Merge Gaming is the biggest US friendly Poker network – definitely 2 groups that know what they are doing.

As a member you get the chance to show your skills against thousands of people daily, whether it be at individual tables or in the various lavish poker tournaments.


As mentioned before, Carbon Poker is part of the Merge Gaming network, which is a top leading gaming developer. The software that is provided to the poker players is top quality, and comes with years of development and testing. In order for someone to play poker, all they would need to do is download and install the necessary software. The software is very reliable, small in size, easy to use, and both PC and Mac compatible. At Carbon Poker there is no instant play or flash version because they believe in quality, and giving the best service they can. They chose this method because they could offer better support for members too, in addition to creating a better looking and functioning software without all the issues and glitches that could possibly arise from using flash or other.

On top of creating high quality software, they also made it thinking about the customer’s needs. They have made the software compatible for both PC and Mac users as mentioned above, and that is roughly the majority of the market’s needs covered (in terms of online poker).

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Many of the different kinds of poker games can be found at Carbon Poker. You can play Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, 5 and 7 Card Stud, and 5 and 7 Card Draw. On top of having a great selection of tables offering these games, they also have other table games available. You may want to take a break from poker and play some blackjack or try your luck with roulette. The main dish however is the poker tables. This is where you will find most of the action, as well as the big money; not to say that a few blackjack hands here and there will do you any harm – they are just pure fun!

That said, you will be able to find poker tables ranging from micro betting to medium sized stakes, such as $25/50. The poker room even offers free play for the inexperienced poker players that want to learn more before testing their skills against the pros and savvier poker players.

CarbonPoker Features

There are many different game features that can help, or simply entertain while playing at a table. Some of the features that help a player out are the auto functions, as well as the ability to view game stats and hand history. A player is only allotted 15 seconds to make a decision, so thinking ahead of time is a good idea, which is where practice comes in handy. Once a player decides what he wants to do, they can use any of the auto functions to preselect what they wish to do on that particular poker hand; whether it is a call, a fold, or an all-in for example. Players are constantly trying to beat their records and play, and the game stats and history can help the player see where they need to improve or where they did well.

Features that entertain players are the rabbit function, and being able to create a custom table. Ever wanted to see what the last card was going to be, but everyone folded before you got the chance? Well, at Carbon Poker they have a cool feature called “rabbit-cam” which allows you to see what the last card would have been. As for the other feature, iIf a player or a group of players want to have a match amongst themselves, they can create a custom table and play amongst themselves, instead of the underground poker games behind the sketchy alley.

Bonus and Promotions

Carbon Poker understands the need to entice and keep poker players motivated to continue to improve and play. This is why they offer great promotions and tournaments with big payouts all the time. There are promotions like Tourney King, which gives players prizes worth up to 20K, depending on the players rank. While a person plays, if they get a poker hand with four 5´s, they can qualify instantly for a payout even if they do not win that hand, thanks to the Quad Pyramid promotion. There are also bonuses on initial deposits of 150% bonus up to $750 (higher than what you would get at the room going directly), and lastly, you could also get a refer a friend bonus.

So join the number one (#1) US poker room and enjoy the increase bonus by joining Carbon poker through our links!

Carbon Poker
Bonus 100% up to $600.