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Roger Lee Renee Kingsley I. Nelson Rose Matt White Maria T.
Roger Lee Renee Kingsley I Nelson Rose Matt White Renee Kingsley

Roger Lee

Roger has been the CEO/Owner of Compatiblepoker for 8 years and has been in the gambling industry for 9 years.  He has moderated the largest poker affiliate forum on the web, and keeps up to date with news on the hour.

Roger makes updates on Compatiblepoker’s USA page, which has become an authority page for online poker updates in the US. The page has been referenced by major outlets and news sites such as CNN, Reuters and the PPA. Roger is the only one who modifies that page due to its importance. He consults with many gaming experts in the field about US laws and legislation including monitoring the behavior of poker sites that serve the United States.

Renee Kingsley

Renee is our key writer.  She has written thousands, if not more articles and news related subjects about poker, casinos, and everything gambling.  Her articles cover everything from breaking forum news to the poker blogging world.

Professor I. Nelson Rose

Professor Rose graduated Harvard University in 1979.  He now teaches law schools on gaming and writes articles for Compatiblepoker when it comes to the legality of online poker in the USA.  One featured article he wrote for us which was largely popular was “The New Internet Gaming Regulations: Nothing Changes”. Compatible Poker keeps in touch with Mr. Rose and he can also be found at

Matt White

Matt began writing for Compatiblepoker in late 2008.  He began playing poker with Roger in college and worked full time in real estate and has since transitioned to writing articles for poker and managing a large number of websites that have been online for over 10 years. Matt now operates our non-traditional gaming portals that are hosted in Asia.

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