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Compatiblepoker.com, sometimes refered to CP or Compatible Poker, among many other markets, reaches out to the Mac™ community. Mac is the shortened version of Macintosh™ or Apple™ as in the computing device found at Apple.com. The phrases “Mac Poker”, “Poker for Macs”, “Mac compatible poker”, “Apple Poker”, “Macintosh poker” are all directed to the term of Mac used at Apple.com. These are search engine terms people that use Mac computers use to find poker or casino sites to play at that are compatible with a Mac. In no way do we use the term “Mac poker” to deceive users otherwise for any other phrases that may be trade marked along with “Mac” or any derivatives of Apple computers. Identically, the same follows for Linux computers.

We are not responsible for any information misrepresented due to out dated material.  If any of the reviews or downloads cause harm to your computer or cause damage we are not responsible.  Compatiblepoker and it’s owners are also not responsible for any gambling losses our visitors might incur.

Our poker rumors sections is exactly that.  We do not claim all information to be true, and news written is based on industry rumors and talk.  This site is not held responsible for any mis-information although we try to post as accurately as possible.

It is nearly impossible to keep all information on poker sites completely accurate due to changing technology. Online poker rooms are changing every minute and therefore we can not fully keep up with everything.

In citing our news references we believe it is appropriate to give the author an appropriate backlink to give credit to the news author. If no website is given we will cite the authors name and contact information. In neither is found we will cite the page where it was found.

As for votes for best gaming site, Compatiblepoker.com and employees are choosing the best poker site they believe is at that time.

US Gambling Policy

Because some forms of Gambling may not be legal in certain US jurisdictions we do not accept responsibility for US citizens visiting this site.  This website is for informational purposes solely.  Any US customer who plays poker by reading information or clicking on a link inside of this website is not bound to CompatiblePoker and it’s owners.  We can not stress enough that this site is strictly for recreational purposes and if a US customer does decide to play at one of the casinos or poker rooms it MUST be play money only.

Currently we do not have the technology to block US players.  We believe since we are simply an informational site that the US government should attempt to block IP’s from US territory to gambling sites.  This is the only way we feel the new gambling law could be set in place and thus the reason for this disclaimer.  Once the US government has that set in place this disclaimer will be modified to exclude US players since they will no longer be allowed to view such sites.

We also do not allow citizens from the following states to view information on this website.

New Jersey
New York
South Dakota

Compatiblepoker.com and it’s owners strictly forbid the two states in bold.  These states are not allowed to visit our site and citizens at the states above should know there local and state laws before viewing any of the information on this webpage.

Sportsbettors are also not allowed to view our website and no sportsbetting websites are listed on our site. If a sports betting site is mentioned, we are not responsible for any bets made in illegal jurisdictions.

Deposit Methods

Any deposit methods reviewed on this website are only for non-US customers.  It is illegal for a US bank to allow deposits to gambling sites.  We do not aid in showing US customers how to deposit illegally onto these sites.  That is why our reviews are meant for non-Americans.  If an American comes across any review for depositing methods they must understand that they can not use these methods to deposit as it is illegal.  We are strictly relaying the information online casinos have posted on their site and what people do after that is there free will.


Compatiblepoker and it’s owners does not offer bonuses for players to sign up and play.  The bonuses found on this site are for the listed poker rooms.  We are merly reviewing the poker sites located on the internet that have bonuses.  Compatiblepoker is not a poker room and thus does not take transactions or have the capability to accept deposits.  Bonuses are given by the poker rooms and they are the one responsible for stopping US based customers.

State Laws

Certain states are not allowed to play online poker.  If it is illegal to play online poker in your state or local jurisdiction you must leave this website.  Playing online poker is considered a felony in certain states in the United States and we do not allow people from these areas to view our webpages.  We also do not take responsibility if any player from these states illegally decide to play internet poker for real money.

All visitors who enter this site must agree to these terms.  Players are also bound by the US law to know their state laws before reading information regarding the law.  Players can do so at www.gambling-law-us.com before proceeding.  Because we do not accept players from places where it is considered illegal to gamble online, Compatiblepoker is not responsible for any such instances where people disregard this disclaimer.

This website is owned and operated by Compatiblepoker.com.  The information on this site comes from associated press such as Prweb, PrNewswire, Apple, and other large online publishing companies.  The information found on this website is copyrighted and may not be used with the consent of Compatiblepoker.com staff.

The graphics and logos were created customized for Compatiblepoker and shall not be used on any other website without our consent.  This agreement shall be governed by the laws of The United States of America.  We hereby give the right to terminate any agreements on this website shall we see fit.


This site and owners should be used for informational purposes.  Any losses incurred by using the information on this website are not the fault of Compatiblepoker nor their owners.  Visitors to this site agree they will not sue nor hold the owners accountable for any negative instances they have while from this website.  USE THE INFORMATION ON THIS SITE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you do not agree to these terms you must leave the site immediately.

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