High Limit Online Casino Guides

In this section we will go over the casinos that offer the highest stake games from BlackJack to Slots. Please view the guides to make sure you find a casino that accepts your country.

Looking for a high stake internet casino should involve searching for high limits and safety. There are some organizations like Ecogra.org that set out to stop bad casinos. Compatiblepoker.com is certified as a reputable informational portal by Ecogra.

High Stakes for US Players

Due to gaming laws in the USA we recommend www.ClubUSAcasino.com as the best place to play high stakes casino games if you are from the US. The casinos listed below are not necessarily US accepted.

High Stake Game Guides

What you should know

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself when opting to play high stake internet casinos. First things first you must choose a long time reputable casino. Some newer online casinos can’t support a large loss and thus will not pay.

The casinos that have been in the business for a long time will have plenty of money to support substantial wins by players and will have no problem paying out to the players. Internet casinos on this page are both high stakes and safe.

High Stakes per Game

  • Stakes : $5,000 a hand
  • Vip and 32Red have the biggest BJ games on the internet and are highly trusted casinos.
  • Tip: When you enter the casino look for a game called “BJ – High Limit Table” or “BJ – Design 2″.
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High Stakes BlackJack – VIP Casino

We found that most of the high stakes players who like to play BlackJack go to a place called VIP casino. They have $5,000 hands of BlackJack which is the biggest you will find! I told you they had some big money games. Their other game limits are just as high for gambling. When you enter the casino at 32 Red look for a game called “BJ – High Limit Table” or “BJ – Design 2″. These are the only tables that offer the $5,000 bets. The basic Black Jack tables are only $200 per hand.

  • Stakes : $2,000 a hand
  • Pontoon is a variation of Black Jack and Vernons Casino has the biggest games available on the net.
  • Tip: Make sure to read up on rules of Pontoon because they are not the same as traditional BJ.
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High Stakes Pontoon BlackJack – Vernons Casino

Pontoon is a variation of BlackJack and at Vernons casino (once referred to as Little Woods Casino) you can play hands at a max of $2,500. They also offer themed games such comic based slots. Jackpots reach well into the six figures. Vernons Casino payouts start at 97.6% and go up from there which are considered better than Vegas.

  • Stakes : $1000 Spins
  • Slot games per spin reach up to $1000 and some players have won over $300,000 on the progressive slots.
  • Tip: Click on the guide to find where you can play $1,000 spins and places that accept US players.

High Stake Slots – Golden Palace Casino

GoldenPalace offers high stake slots. They let you bet up to $1000 per spin on their slot games. Golden Palace is not US accepted so please visit Bovada Casino if you want high stake slots and are from the USA. Their pulls are much less ($100) but offer good games.

  • Stakes : $1,000 side bet
  • Bodog specializes in high stakes games and they have some of the biggest stakes for Roulette on the internet.
  • Tip: Learn the shortcut keys and you can play a lot more games per hour.

High Stakes Roulette – Bodog/Bovada

At Bovada/Bodog you can play moderately high stake hands of roulette but the outside lines will generally not go higher than $500-$1000 per spin. You might be able to get Bovada/Bodog to raise the stakes but the limits for roulette are always lower online due to potential fraud.

  • Stakes : $5,000 Bets
  • Vip Casino has some very high stake tables and they even have a multi-player high limit tables.
  • Tip: Don’t forget about the $10K montly VIP player bonus along with the 11% loss back.
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High Limit Baccarat – VIP Casino

We have found that our Asian visitors really like Baccarat and VIP casino is a good spot to sit at if you’re a high roller and don’t want to risk your money on a casino that might not payout!

High Stakes Basics – Safety Issues

1. Don’t Accept Bonuses

Let’s face it, if you play high stake casinos then you shouldn’t be worried about bonuses. Many players have stated that casinos will not pay out money to you if you use their bonus, win a lot quickly, and then try to cashout. That’s the main reason we didnt list any bonuses on this page.

Don’t worry, once you start playing a casino manager will personally get a hold of you and bend over backwords to get you to stay. It’s very similar to Vegas but on the internet there’s really only one thing they can offer you, free money and discounts on losses.

2. Play at Trusted Casinos

Fly by night online casinos can frequent this business so choose the casinos that have been online for a minimum of 2 years. The first year is a trial period for an online casino and they could still be struggling big time after a year. One big loss could send them packing and you don’t want them to be with your money.

3. Don’t Hit and Run

If you win a large sum of money very quickly do not instantly take it out. This sends out a red alert to the casino of possible fraud. It puts the casino at ease if you keep the money in your account for awhile. That will cool them down a bit as they hope you lose it back. Doing this will keep your account from getting red flagged and having your money put on hold.

4. Become VIP

If you are a high stakes casino player then contact the support once you sign up. Many times they will set up higher limits for you. This will also let them know who you are and that you are a legitimate high stakes player. 888.com is very willing to work with high stake players. Most of the VIP visitors we refer get higher rewards and a personal host.

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