High Stakes Roulette – Big Betting Limits

Guide to playing high limit Roulette online

We are working directly with SilverOakCasino.com to offer you the highest limits possible with $5000 bets on the outside and $1000 on the inside  Due to the high limits, Silver Oak has extended the $10,000 bonus to ONLY our high limit Roulette players.  It must be noted that if you do claim this bonus, it’s imperative that you must meet a 60 x bonus wagering requirement.  You can neglect this bonus.

If you claim the bonus you need to let customer service know that you will be taking advantage of the high limit roulette games and the $10,000 bonus by calling/chatting/or emailing support and giving them the code “Silverrouletter”.  If you don’t want the bonus you can skip all that.

Non USA Roulette Players

VIP casino had the high limits and more a couple more options, but VIP wasn’t accepting US players and no single (0) games were available.  There are three types of high limit Roulette games available at VIP Casino. The first two, Roulette single player and Roulette multiplayer, have betting stakes up to $1000. The third Roulette game offered was VIP Roulette where you could place bets up to $3,000. There is still a (00) but you get half your bet back if it lands on it (you have better statistical odds on European Roulette).

Different High Limit Roulette Games

There used to be an actual game called “High Stakes Roulette” but no online casinos carry it anymore.

Ok so the first two are obvious, single player and multiplayer roulette. It’s my preference but I always liked to play multi-player tables for more enjoyment. But if you’re there just for the money then single tables are fine.

European Roulette differs from American Roulette in that there is only one zero on the wheel. With only one zero as opposed to two “double zeros” your chances just went up 2.6%. So if you’re going to be playing high limit Roulette online then we undoubtedly suggest playing European Roulette.

VIP Casino Roulette Basics + Payouts

As stated the regular Roulette wheels at VIP will use 36 numbers with a zero and double zero to make a total of 38 numbers.  Here are the payouts for the high limit Roulette tables at VIP casino.

Numbers Payouts
1 35 to 1
2 17 to 1
3 11 to 1
4 8 to 1
5 6 to 1
6 5 to 1
12 2 to 1
18 1 to 1

Zero & Double Zero VIP Roulette Rules

The rules for landing on 0 or 00 will also vary. If you bet on 1 through 18, 19 through 36, red, black, odd, or even and you land on a 0 or 00 then you get half your money back. So if you wager $1000 and this occurs you will get $500 back.

High Stakes Roulette FAQ

Are these really the biggest betting limits online?

Well technically yes. If you search all the casinos online you will find these have the biggest stakes for Roulette. Although, if you ask your favorite casino to increase the stakes many times they will oblige. Another popular game is high stakes blackjack online. Vip casino is another good place for this.

Should I play European Roulette or Regular Roulette?

We strongly advise playing European Roulette because it only has one 0. You are going to double your losing odds if you play American Roulette!

I found a casino that will set me up with $5,000 limits but have never heard of it. Should I do it?

Probably not. It’s better not to play at online casinos unless you recognize the name or viewed them here first. You can get scammed from smaller casinos if you win and they don’t pay.  I personally only play a few spins for a few grand a piece at the roulette table and then if I win, I’ll go play blackjack.  It usually ends up right back at the roulette table though, but be cautious if you choose any casino not listed on our site!

There are a lot of bad stories out there which is why we work personally with the casinos that have high stakes, and you can always contact us if you have a dispute and we’ll try to resolve it for you.


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