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Baccarat for High Rollers

Guide for High Stakes Baccarat Players

There were a bunch of “High limit baccarat” sites out there claiming to have high limit games. That was total BS.After researching their supposed high limits we found them to be full of crock. But we did eventually find our fall back casinos coming through as usual for high limit games for Baccarat. Here’s what we found.

American Players – $5,000 Baccarat Stakes

Segmentation between European currency and American dollars was seen. Our regular high limit casino, VIPcasino.com showed a stead fast big money table with betting limits up to $5,000 similar to their high stakes blackjack tables.  Since VIP doesnt accept USA players we suggest Bodog.com.  They will be more than happy to set you up with high limit baccarat tables.

European Players – £2000 Baccarat Stakes

Ladbrokes (www.Ladbrokes.com) continued their Mt.

Everest like betting limits at £2000 ($3,793 USD) per bet.Still, not quite as high as VIP casino but nonetheless right on up there. Players who prefer to deal in British Pounds should choose Ladbrokes. European players could still have the option to choose VIP casino if they want slightly higher limits at the Baccarat table and don’t mind dealing in $ USD.

Multi-Player High Limit Baccarat

The multi-player feature was a special accessory at VIP casino (*no longer available). While we were visiting the high limit tables 2 players were there betting max limits. It was impressive watching players place $5,000 bets while talking up a storm in the chat box. Too bad they weren’t speaking English so I couldn’t understand them. There was more of a social atmosphere which was nice and I also know of a few high limit poker players that choose VIP over other sites.

VIP Casino Quick Review

You will see VIP casino sprinkled throughout most of our high limit casino guides because of their consistent and notorious high limits but also the VIP specials they give out. There is a special bankroll of $10,000 per month to high rollers. Beats the $100 bonus you get at most places huh?

An 11% cash back on losses is also offered at VIP casino. The max loss back is $15,000. They run Cryptologic software and look similar to Inter Casino.

Ladbrokes Casino Quick Review

Ladbrokes.com will offer a larger selection of games than VIP but not necessarily higher limits like we just saw on the high limit baccarat tables. Their list of “ Restricted Territories ” rules out a lot of countries such as . The bonus of $50 was somewhat weak and they didn’t seem to offer any automatic VIP treatment without coming in contact with the support team.

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