The Beast – A Different Type of “Bad Beat Jackpot”

There’s a reason why the latest craze in the poker world is a game called The Beast. With free jackpot offers and a no-cost entry weekly event it’s redefining the way the world plays poker, and it is indeed a beast of a game. From our observations, the beast will generally range around the $20-$30,000 mark.

Every week, players at the America’s Card Room get a chance to prove themselves in the race for cash prizes and tourney seats with The Beast poker. Weekly races are open from Saturdays till the following Friday night, and the cash prizes are awarded by the end of day on the following Mondays. The Sunday that follows the cash prize payouts is the day for tournaments.

Earn points to play The Beast

Playing for cash prizes awarded at The Beast is really simple. Players need to play poker and earn maximum points at stake levels. The points are not calculated according to the number of wins or losses against a player but only according to the stake levels. As players play poker online at America’s Card Room, they will be ranked on a leader-board. These rankings will be for both cash prizes as well as for tourney seats.

Every poker table at America’s Card Room is now a table that can take players forward to The Beast tournaments. Earlier, there were specific tables marked for playing in The Beast games, but now the games for The Beast tournament can be played at any card table. However, it is important to note that only 6-max and 9-max card tables will be counted for the leader board for the Beast promotional games. Every player who is sitting a table and has contributed to the rake of a hand at that table will automatically be awarded a point for every $0.02 that is spent. There is an entire methodology behind how players earn points at their tables and this is called the ‘Weighted Contributed Rake’ methodology. Players can thus keep track of the points they have scored and can thus keep abreast of where they stand with the other tournament players.

Free jackpots and millions in cash

With all the tables at the America’s Card Room poker casinos being fed directly into the leader board for The Beast tournament, the cash prizes and awards keep getting bigger every day. The jackpot for the tournament amounts to millions in prizes and rewards every year and this value will only keep getting bigger as many more players join the fun at The Beast.

The jackpot money at The Beast is not taken from the players so for the players in the tournament this is a complete free roll. Some of the jackpot amount is taken from the rake collected at the tables, while the rest is put in by the organizers themselves. 25% of the jackpot amount is however taken over to the next jackpot as ‘reseed’ money. The points and the leader board are updated in real time, and the payouts are done by the deadline every Monday.

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