Andrew Beal and the Corporation

Andrew Beal is a well known banker whose success is right up there with Bill Gates and Donald Trump. He’s a multi billionaire who resides in Dallas, Texas.  Ande is a college dropout. Beal has his hand in everything from Loan acquisition, to airplane stocks and the occasional $10 million dollar poker game.

Beal’s Poker Strategy

Andrew Beal had an idea for high stakes poker. Since he was already wealthy and he could afford to risk big sums of money he figured he could take on the best in the world. His entire strategy would be to play stakes that were so high it would throw any opponent off their game. Because the stakes were so high pros could not play him until they formed what they call “The Corporation”.

All the best poker pros in the world like Phil Ivey, Erik Sagstrom, David Oppenheim, Jennifer Harman, Ted Forrest, Todd Brunson and many other well known pros were in on this corporation. What they did was pooled their money to play this tycoon at these high stakes cash games. The games that occur are considered the richest games to ever take place.

The Matches

On February 12-15 Beal played the “Corporation” and unveiled his talent. Andrew Beal won $10 million dollars from the pros. This was sort of a sweet revenge as he had lost $3.2 million to them earlier in the month. The pros were eager to get a chance to win their money back so they invited him to LA where the World Poker Tour stop was. Against the advice from his friends and bystanders Beal took the “Corporation” up on their offer and he was off to LA.

Andrew Beal Plays Ivey

The next few days in Vegas proved to be the turning point in Beal’s poker career as he faced Phil Ivey. Pros and bystanders who watched the show down have concluded that Phil Ivey can truly be called the best poker player in the world. Many say it’s hard to determine this after just a few days of play but these few days may have changed things. Phil single handedly took back all the money they had lost during the previous month plus some more. Phil played his usual aggressive style by stealing pots and boggling his opponent, Andy Beal. Pots were now reaching over $1 million dollars and Phil pleaded the Corporation to raise the limits. The limits were previously lowered due to an agreement with the pros and Andy Beal.

In the next 22 days Andy lost all of the money he had brought to play with and announced he should have never played. He said he should have waited and made the “Corporation” come to his home town of Dallas and played them there.


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