Are You Bored with Poker?

I’ve found myself getting extremely bored with poker lately. I’m bored not because poker isn’t exciting anymore it just feels like you can never win enough. Even if you win a big pot or you have a really good month it’s just never enough. Whether it’s from playing too much or just not playing high enough stakes, things have gotten a little drag.

How to Fight the Boredom

To combat this little bout of boredom you can stick to tournaments, and bigger qualifiers. WSOP qualifiers something to get excited about but you still need to qualify first. I’m one of those people that resiliently believe when you risk that much money it can’t be out of your bankroll.

While $10,000 is not that much money to some people, it’s a hell of a lot of money to me. It’s just hard playing the way you should when you have that kind of money on the line. When you qualify by playing a $50 satellite who the hell cares if you lose it. After all it’s on the house right?

More Boredom Tips

A few other things that you can do to fight off boredom are to play more than one table. I used to never play more than one table at once. I always figured my game would suffer too much. The good thing is now most poker sites are offering this picture in picture software that makes it easier to multi-table. It’s great because you can literally play 8 tables at once and not loose focus. Well, four would be more advisable because your play does suffer when you play more than that.

I was amazed to hear Justin Bonomo, that guy who got busted for cheating plays up to 12 at one time! Yeah, that’s a little overboard. Multitabling can open up new doors. I’d say limit poker would be the best game for multi-tabling because it doesn’t involve too much thinking. Limit is more straightforward than no limit.

If you’re still getting bored playing 8 tables at once then taking a break from poker might be in order. It’s very easy to get burnt out playing poker.Especially online poker where half the time you don’t even blink in an 8 hour session. Sitting in front of a monitor for 12 hours can’t be good for your mental stability anyways.

Bump up the Stakes

Moving up in stakes can also be great for getting you out of the poker blues. Try higher limit cash games and try to play with players you know. Having a friend at the table makes the game much more interesting. Besides, the reason you’re probably bored is because you’re not challenged anymore. The game just got too easy.

Bump it up a notch and the players should get a little tougher. That is one reason I switched poker rooms to Full Tilt. I got bored playing fish all day. Yeah the money is great but sometimes it’s not about the money. Playing against the pros at places like Full Tilt gives you that shot of adrenaline you need to pump up your play to what it used to be.

Hit up Vegas

This is one tip that would probably cure all cases of boredom. Take a trip to Vegas or AC. I’ve been meaning to get out there for a long time now. Relax, play some golf and visit the casinos.

Online poker is great but there is nothing better than live casino action. That’s one great thing about working from home as a poker player and internet poker affiliate You can literally do whatever the hell you want. Don’t want to wake up until 3pm? Thats fine, you can still set up shop and play poker, on your Mac of course.  :)  Considering there are still poker Mac compatible sites open to US players in a few months.

Hope these little tips will help you get motivated to play up to par. Just bump up the stakes, play more tables, set some goals, and shoot for the big ones. Go big and you never know what may happen. Play the bigger tournaments and see what happens. You might just end up on TV one day. That’s why you became a poker player right? The fame and glory that’s right around the corner.


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