Getting Staked Online

How to get staked at online poker

Poker staking is an interesting concept that has made its way online. Poker staking involves a “stakee” and a “staker”. The stakee is the player while the staker puts up the money and sets the rules. The same type of rules that may apply offline also apply online. The stakee and staker set rules to the stake and agree on terms.

Poker Staking Forums

Before online staking forums came about everyone believed staking was just not feasible. It turns out that staking has grown into big business and these online poker staking forums generate hundreds of new members every week.

Trust Issues with Staking

To assure that staking works and making sure players don’t “Run with the money” these forums set up reviews of the stakees. Players are rated after each game they play for future reference. Generally the reviews are done by the person who put up the stake. Players also use a tool called which is a software program that tracks player’s win / loss statistics at Sit and Go tables.

For staking to work most of these forums only take players with a positive return on investment. This again is verified by for accuracy.
How Staking Sites Operate

Some sites charge a fee for their staking services while some are free. The ones who charge a fee to use their staking sites usually have insurance to back the stakes. This concept seems to work well and is beginning to be applied.

Online Staking FAQ

1. Have players ever taken the money and ran after they won using a stake?

According to the online staking sites this is pretty rare. Most stakes aren’t set up for high stakes internet poker tournaments so most people won’t hit and run for such small amounts.

2. Have any big money players used these staking sites?

Many of the staking sites are connected to Neverwinpoker. This is a breeding ground for big name tournament pros. Many of the pros that play at NWP have been seen on ESPN broadcastings for the World Series of Poker.

3. I’m not a great player yet. Can I still get staked?

Generally stakers only accept players with positive ROI. If stakers see potential in players they may still stake you but it is not common.

4. Do the online casinos care if we do this?

The poker rooms do not care one bit. If players start complaining of fraud then they might care. It’s not like high stake casino game players who get staked to count cards and take money from the house. In poker staking everyone wins…hopefully.

Live Poker Staking

Getting staked to play in a live poker event is much more common. Many poker pros do not have the funds to play in high price tournaments. In this case the player will turn to what is called the “backer” or “staker”. The reason live game stakings are more prevalent is because trust is usually not an issue. Both the player and the backer are usually present during the collection of any monetary wins.

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