Ring Game Poker Strategy

Ten manned cash games commonly referred to as “Ring games” are different than 6 player tables. When playing tournaments you will be playing ten players when you start. Sit n Go’s tournaments generally consist of 6-10 players but vary all the way down to straight heads up games. This section strictly discusses Ring cash games with around 8-10 players.

In Ring games you will need to be a very patient person. You must play premium hands if you want to win in the long run. Being a consistent winner in Ring games involves playing premium hands, patience, studying your opponents, and playing your payoff hands correctly.

Big Pairs in Ring Games

You must realize that your pocket Aces and your pocket Kings are not what you should be getting excited about in Ring games. These type of hands will win you very little even if you play them correctly. Played incorrectly you will consistently lose with these type of hands. I think this is the biggest misconception when playing Ring games. Aces and Kings are very easily cracked in Ring games and they can cost you a lot of money if you are afraid to let them go. These types of hands are much more powerful in short handed games. Play your Aces and Kings with aggression before the flop but if you get called by a lot of opponents don’t be afraid to let them go after the flop under a lot of pressure.

Money Hands In Ring Games

The hands that are going to make you a ton of money in Ring games are the 5, 6 and the 6,7 suited cards and your small pairs. Generally players become impatient in Ring games and you can very easily crack bigger pairs with these type of hands. Generally you can see flops for cheap without too much pressure allowing you to catch your straights and flushes. When you do hit your hand this is how you consistently win at Ring games without too much risk. Players with top pair won’t let it go and you will get paid off a lot with your straights and sets. Ring games are really that simple.

The way you want to play your Aces and Kings is with conservative aggression. You want to be in there betting away not allowing your opponents to catch their straights, flushes, and sets. You must not be stubborn and afraid to fold aces or kings in Ring games. This is the most detrimental mistake in Ring games and why so many players consistently lose. Doyle Brunson always says, “Its better to win a small pot than lose a big one.”

Patience My Friend

Patience is a virtue in Ring games. Why is this? Well since there are so many players in the game your Ace Ten just turned to crap. It is very likely someone is going to rape you with a bigger kicker of some sort. Playing junk hands will put you in awkward situations and you should avoid playing them at all cost. If you find yourself limping in with trash exit the table. Your patience is beginning to fade and without it you are going to lose.

You’ve got plenty of time when playing Ring games so study your opponents. Players online tend to follow certain patterns in their play. Watch how they bet and what they usually raise with. If the poker room allows you to put notes on players then do so. Ring game players tend to play the same all the time.

I Spy a Sucker

Watch the players at your table to see if they are playing more than one table. You will see that the majority of Ring game players are generally playing 2 or 3 tables. They do this because Ring games are so boring and you follow more of a strict pattern of play than in short handed games. If they are playing a couple tables at once they are less likely to bluff you. Don’t ask why just trust me on this one. There is no reason you can’t win as much money as you want playing Ring games. As long as you are comfortable with the stakes and you stick to the plan you will win boat loads over the long run.

Here’s a quick overview of what you need to do to win at Ring games.

1. Be patient and play premium hands
2. Don’t be afraid to let down Aces or Kings after the flop
3. Play your suited connectors. They are God in Ring games and will make you the most money.
4. Watch and take notes on your opponents. Check to see if they are playing more than 1 table
5. Don’t play trash hands. If you become impatient leave the poker room.

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