How Will Vista Affect Online Poker

Some issues have already risen with playing online poker and using Vista. The most notable has been with Bodog and a few players complaining. As of now we recommend anyone who is having problems playing poker on Vista to play at
using the “Instant Java Play” software or to check possible firewall issues with the site they are having problems with.

Despite an optimistic viewpoint from many Windows gamers some are now doubting how good Windows Vista will really be. Will we see wide spread application compatibility problems similar to what Mac and Windows users experience?

In “properties” there should be a “compatibility tab” that will help most users who are having compatibility issues with software on Vista. This can sometimes cure the problem with poker software.

While it may be a temporary thing I’m almost positive the new Vista OS will bring problems for online gamblers. Even now we see multiple issues and a technical FAQ section at most poker sites as long as the strategy sections.

eWeek Lab was even quoted as saying we will experience a rough ride in this transition of OS. If it weren’t for Mac online poker players having such tremendous issues with their OS for playing poker, CompatiblePoker would cease to exist. For this site it’s a blessing but for all the poor souls out there not being able to play their games it’s a nightmare and a straight pain in the ass to boot.

If there are shortlived compatibility problems my thoughts are that Java online poker platforms will be the temporary fix. The sites which have both forms will probably gain quite a few players if this turns out to be the case. While upgrades are taking place at the poker platform level the ones who prepared for the

Vista migration will succeed immensely.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Article by Roger

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