Deposit Options No Longer Available

Poker Deposit Options that Have Gone Bust

These were once popular US poker deposit options but have since gone out of business due to the crackdown of the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Act). Many were shut down by the US Department of Justice, and others voluntarily went out of business.

ePre-Paid Phone Card Deposit Options

The following are identical in nature but are only accepted at certain poker sites. There is a max $300 per day deposit, a 3% load fee and it can not be used for withdraws. Best used for losing players who want to deposit quickly. Begin using in minutes. Click the links for full reviews.

The following options are no longer in use by the following sites. Please see other options above.

Toggle Card – This option has become obsolete.

GatorPay – Was used at Full Tilt Poker only

Pindebit – Used like a pre-paid debit card. Requires bank verification and can only be funded with bank account. Estimated set up time 5-7 days. Max $2,700 daily use.

Add-funds – Was used only by Absolute Poker

Nucharge – Was used only by Bodog

Fonelinx – Was in use by Carbon Poker

Deposit-Now – Read review for multiple accepted casinos

Makeadeposit – Was used by Amoco Poker

Immediatedeposit – Was used by Carbon Poker

Youteller – Was expected to launch in 2008 but fizzled out

MywebATM – Previously accepted at Full Tilt Poker but not longer in use.

Paytru – Was exclusive to Poker Stars but has been disabled.

Epassporte – Discontinued services on April 11, 2008

Usemywallet – Quicktender – Same thing as Ecocard.  Deposits via credit card, moneygram, bank wire etc. with a 5% CC fee.

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