Casinos Using Instant Echecks

Echecks are becoming one of the most popular deposit methods for online gaming. This page has all of the information you need to know about this great deposit method and echeque casinos.

Echecks are as fast and easy as a credit card deposit and as safe as using a check. Echecks work just like writing a paper check, except it is of course electronic. There are only a very limited amount of echeque casinos.

Current Echeck Casinos

  • – First echeck deposit is limited to $200 until it is cleared, then your limits will increase.

All casinos listed above accept US players.

Echeck Casinos FAQ:

How fast are echeck deposits?

Echeck deposits are as fast as a credit card. Funds are instantly available to play after making your deposit.

How safe are echecks?

Echecks offer the safety benefits of paper and electronic laws and regulations to the financial institutions and consumers. The laws and regulations limit liability and establish dispute resolution time-frames. Information gathered by gaming companies is actually secured by Nexum Financial who protects such information with the most current and advanced security and encryption technology. Also, personal information is never sold or shared.

Do echeck casinos charge a fee for using echecks?

No, casinos pick up the tab here. The parent company of Instant Echecks, Nexum Financial does charge a fee to the gaming company, but that fee is typically paid by the online casino or poker room NOT the depositor.

Can you use echeck to cash out from online casinos?

Yes, most echeck casinos will also offer this method as a means to cash out. This works the same way the deposit does, but of course the funds go into your account instead of the echeck casino. There is a delay with cash outs that vary from 5-10 days. This depends mainly on the gaming company.

Are there deposit limits associated with echecks?

There are deposit limits when using echecks to deposit onto online casinos. However, these limits increase after subsequent deposits and you establish a “trusted” account with valid transactions.

What are casinos dropping echeques?

The latest trend by casinos is to stop using echecks.  Because there are a wide variety of deposit options available out there for US online casinos, many have decided that the fraud is not worth it.  Echecks cause an abundance of what are called chargebacks in this industry.  Basically people run up a huge tab and quickly close their bank account, essentially playing on the house while the casino can’t do anything about it because of US laws.

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