Dual Booting a Mac for Online Poker (Boot Camp)

You can dual boot Macs to play online poker. A dual boot lets you run both Windows and OS X from the same computer, but not at the same time.

Dual booting via Boot Camp is free but you are going to need your own copy of Windows XP which is not free.You can purchase a copy from Microsoft, an office store, or use a copy you might have laying around.Dual booting is only possible on the new Intel processors. After dual booting when you start your Mac a screen will pop up giving you a choice between Windows or Mac OS X.Here is the complete process of performing a dual boot a.k.a “Boot Camp” to play online poker.

Before you start these are the accessories you will need.

A Mac that uses the Intel processor ( If you bought your Mac before June 2006 then you probably don’t have an Intel Mac and won’t be able to dual boot.)

Windows XP from Microsoft. A copy of Home Edition, Professional or Service Pack Two can be used instead. Either will work.  I’d just go for the cheap edition.

A CD used for recording. Must be unused.

Some space on your hard drive. Preferably 10 Gigabytes or more.

Here are the latest downloads you will need.

1.  Mac OSX Tiger v10.4.6
– To get this version you do not need to go to Apple. What you do is click on the Apple icon (also called Systems Preferences) located in the top left hand corner of your screen while in your internet browser.In the drop down menu you will see a button called “Software Updates”.Click update and you will be given a list of all the possible updates. If you see OSX Tiger v10.4.6 click on it and it will update it for you.If you do not see it then you already have it updated to a later version.

2. Up todate Firmware – Download the latest release from Apple.It’s free.

Installing “Boot Camp”- The Dual Boot Begins

After you have all the requirements and the latest firmware and OSX Tiger you may continue. If you did not do the steps above the dual boot will not install correctly.
1. Boot Camp Instructions – You can get complete installation instructions from Apple. It is best to go ahead and print these instructions.

2.  Download Boot Camp – Install a CD into your drive and begin downloading and copying “Boot Camp” from Apple. Note that this just burns copies of the drives into the CD. You will install them after you setup Windows. After you copy boot camp to the CD and follow the instructions you can then and only then install Windows. Install the Windows CD and go through the automatic process provided by Microsoft Windows. Everything is straightforward except for when you have to select the C: drive by yourself. You must do this or you could delete some of your Mac files.

3.  Once Windows has completely installed you will need to install the Mac CD drivers that you copied earlier during the “Boot Camp” installation. This will set up “Boot Camp”. Everything should install manually and you are now the proud owner of both a Mac and Windows computer.

4. Play poker where? – You can choose where to play depending on what country you are in. If you are from the US go to our us poker sites page for the most popular sites on the web or to determine the correct site and deposit method for you.

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