Flash Casino Versions

Online Casinos that Use Flash

You will find that most “no download” casinos use Flash. Some casinos do use Java versions but when it comes to ease of use and software load time, Flash technology is used. The Flash casinos do not come with complete graphics. The list of casinos that use Flash is much larger than other no download options.

Flash Player Requirements – No Download

Please note that you must have Flash 7 or higher to play at the casinos on this page. Many times the casino will have a Flash version and a download version. You must pick the no download version commonly referred to Quick Play, Web Client, Instant Play, or No Download.

Mac Casinos
Bovada / Bodog
Must use the Flash to play these sites

Why Casinos Hide Flash Software

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that most online casinos that boast about having Flash software still make it very hard to find on their portal.  Most casinos would prefer that you use their download versions of the software.  The download versions create an icon on your desktop and produces impulse visits in the future.

Flash casinos don’t have this and also have a limited selection in games.  This is why casinos tend to hide the Flash software.  They would rather you play their download versions because it creates more revenue for them.  It really is a struggle though because most people using the Flash software have compatibility issues and thus can only use the Flash casino.  We have been trying to get RiverBelle Casino to give us a direct Flash link but to no avail.

We strive to get a direct landing page for Flash players.  If any of the links above do not take you to a Flash specific players page then you will need to search around the website for their Flash software.  They name the Flash software differently.  Any time you see no download, quick play, or instant play buttons these are the Flash games.  If you can’t find them just search around.  They are there but sometimes very hidden.

Enhancing the Flash Casino

To make sure you are getting the richest graphics you should always keep up to date on the latest Flash downloads.  Some casinos are always updating their Flash requirements so we will always post the latest version of Flash below.

Browser Dependance Using Flash

Certain browsers work for certain Flash downloads.  The browser that gives Flash the most difficulties is Mozilla Firefox.  It’s always good to have different browsers on your desktop just in case things like this happen.  Flash casinos work best under Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Get Flash for PC or Mac

Flash can be downloaded from adobe to run any of these casinos.  It’s best to have the latest version of Flash.  You can get it from adobe.com/flashplayer.  Adobe will detect what operating you are using and give you the proper download version (Mac or PC).

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