PartyPoker Review

PartyPoker Review Cliff Notes
  • Party Poker was the "original" first real big poker site that most people remember
  • Both Mac and Linux compatible. Use bonus code DE200 for 120% up to $200 (fast release).
  • While not US accepted, expect a merger with MGM to offer a US Party Poker version
Bonus 120% up to $200

Party Poker Review

PartyPoker now works on Mac and Linux at ( with the brand new “Anywhere” client.

Because Party Poker is NOT accepting US players we suggest US players to play the new BWIN Poker Linux and Mac compatible software.

PartyPoker Bonus Codes

Use signup bonus code “DE200” when trying out the Mac or Linux Party Poker client for up to a $500 bonus on your deposit.

In addition if you use this Partypoker signup bonus codeDE200” you will have availability to play in Party Poker freerolls. Again use this code in the “Sign up bonus code” section upon registration.

Curious to see how long it takes to release your signup bonus money? Click here to use our online poker bonus calculator.

Overall Review of PartyPoker

Party Poker is the largest online poker room on the internet. They offer the widest variety of games and have the largest player database. Games fill up extremely quick and the bonuses are good. They also have reload bonuses each month that the poker room gives in the newsletters. Party Poker is now Mac and Linux compatible with the no download software. I personally liked the no download so that I could play poker on Linux. The only thing is being from the USA I can only play fake money.

Bonus Information at Party Poker

When you first sign up you can get up to a $500 bonus at the poker room and casino. The bonuses do not take long to get released. If you play at an average pace you will get the full bonus released in less than 12 hours. The $500 bonus is the best.

Deposit Bonuses at Party Poker

Party Poker does a good job in offering additional bonuses each month. It is very beneficial to read the newsletters each month because that is where they offer the reload bonus codes. Generally you can get up to $100 or $200 in additional reload bonuses per month.

Cheating Factor

Party Poker is always in the spot light for players accusing the site of “cheating” the players. Players have a belief that the website is rigged. This is completely false. What is true about Party Poker is that you will find there are a lot of new players and your raises will get called a lot. This is what causes so many bad beats.

Like any online poker room there is always a potential of cheating. There have been some players caught cheating at Party Poker as of late. Party Poker does monitor these things and they have caught a couple of the big time cheats lately and made them pay for it. Read news about Party Poker cheating.

Software and Games

The interface and layout makes Party Poker one of the best on the web. Their interface is so clean and user friendly that many players refuse to play anywhere else. Their software relates to the name and the site resembles a fun atmosphere.

Party Poker recently added Black Jack to their poker room. The Black Jack room is on the same platform as the poker room so you don’t have to download another software program to play Black Jack.

Party Poker also added a side bet game. While sitting at the poker table you can bet on what type of card will fall on the next turn or river card. It’s kind of a silly feature and if I were you I’d stay away from it.

Bad Beat Factor

The bad beat factor is the largest on the internet. It is not because the website is rigged but because the entire place is a calling station. New online poker players go there to have fun and try out online poker. Where amateurs are there are sure to be a ton of bad beats. Ride the waves and you’ll be on top of the mountain in the end!

Freeroll Tournaments

When you first deposit at Party Poker you will be entered into the New Player Freeroll. This is the best freeroll tournament they have. The prize pool is $5,000. During the month they also have a bunch of $500 freerolls for real money players.

Negative Attributes of Party Poker

It’s painful getting sucked out and bad beat alot. On Party Poker’s homepage it says “King of Online Poker”. Instead that should read “King of Bad Beats”.

Best Attributes of Party Poker

There are always new players at this website. You can make a ton of money here if you play correctly. Don’t be afraid to over bet pots in hope of calls. This is how you make a lot of money at Party Poker. Lure in the fishies.

This review and bonus kodiert PartyPoker (PartyPoker bonus) has been translated into German.

120% up to $200
Native and Java
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Bonus 120% up to $200.
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