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Backgammon is an emerging market and there are a couple rooms that are Mac compatible. Mac Backgammon sites are few and far between but they are out there. In our search we located 2 Backgammon rooms that used Java and one place that accepted US customers.

GameColony Backgammon is the only site that worked on a Mac and accepted real money play from the US. I was a bit disappointed in how many people were playing but it wasn’t horrible, usually about 1000 during peak hours.

There were two sites called Play65 and GammonEmpire that used to be Mac compatible but are no longer. For whatever reason they switched software providers and don’t have their Java version that we could use to play on a Mac, so for now it’s only for US online Backgammon players.

Ladbrokes Backgammon for Mac

I used to have Gamesgrid listed here but decided to remove them because they ripped off quite a bit of people and were involved in some shady practices. Not only that, but they suddenly stopped accepted players from the United States when it’s clearly NOT illegal to play Backgammon for real money in the US.

So, instead of Gamesgrid I recommend Backgammon if you are not from the United States. They are publicly traded in the UK and have a good platform that uses “instant play” java. The highest stake I found people playing was for $200 and the lowest was for a couple bucks.

FAQ for Mac Users Playing Backgammon

1. I’m on a Mac and still can’t seem to enter GammonEmpire or Play65?

Sometime in 2010 Play65 and Gammon Empire disabled the Mac compatible version for Backgammon players. I have no idea why they would do this, but it sucks.

2. The “No Download” versions still don’t work on my Mac?

Make sure you have the latest version of Java. It is also important that you have Java enabled by clicking on settings and then Java to enable your Applets.

3. Do you play against real people or computers? Can I play for real money?

Yes you can play against real people across the world at the sites listed above. You may also gamble for real money if you choose. There are play money and real money options at both Backgammon rooms.

4. Will these backgammon sites work on Linux?

Yes but only the no download versions will work on Linux. The download backgammon software is only for Windows. These Backgammon sites do not have poker for Linux so if you would like to play Texas holdem go to our webpage to choose as site that runs on Linux.

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