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IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Unfortunately, at this time NO online casinos have elimination blackjack.

There are two casinos which have Elimination Blackjack. Both are relatively new to offering Elimination style Blackjack because it recently became so popular thanks to the UBT on Television.

Ultimate Bet Elimination Tournaments

UltimateBet.com (USA accepted) is one of the better Elimination Blackjack casinos to open. Ultimatebet is not Mac compatible. They are primarily a poker room but have merged their software to host Blackjack and more importantly, Elimination tournaments for real money.

As you probably know by now playUBT.com only has play money games. There is no real money games that go down there. They are fun to play in to see if you can get on TV but other than that it gets old. I like to practice there and then play for real money at UltimateBet.

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Golden palace Elimination Tournaments

A recent site to offer Elimination BJ was Golden Palace.  There is a separate website just for the Elimination Blackjack software at Goldenpalaceblackjack.com.  The elimination Golden palace specific site does not work on Macs.  There are no sites that have elimination blackjack on Macs.

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Basics of Elimination Blackjack

As you may have noticed there are a bunch of poker pros that play this game. Phil Helmuth, and “The Magician” are just to name a few. Why do so many poker pros play EBJ? Well because the game comprises of both blackjack and Texas Holdem.  Each casino may vary on the rules.  It is best to read our review of each site hosting tournaments before you play.

Rules of Elimination Blackjack

First you start off with a set number of chips. This resembles how Sit and Go poker tournaments work in Texas Holdem. Most sites will start you off with 25,000 – 100,000.

  • Each tournament has 7 players per table
  • 6 decks are played
  • You can split pairs only 4 times as long as they aren’t aces
  • House sits on hard 17 and hits on soft 17
  • Players have the option of insurance if house holds ace
  • 2 cards are necessary to double down
  • Surrenders earn you half your bet back

Even with the US poker ban I think EBJ will become almost as popular as Texas Holdem.  It may take a couple years but I can see this exploding like poker did.  See you at the tables.

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