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John Dagostino

Just who is John Dagostino?

John Dagostino known by many as “JDags” is one of the youngest and most successful live and online pros there is.  This online pro was born in 1982 which would make him a young player.  Dagostino is originally from Seymour, Connecticut and handles hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in poker gambling and first showed his stuff at the Young Guns of Poker a WPT event.

John has been playing big cash games both online and live since he was 20.  The place where he really came into the public spot light was in the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure.  He placed in 5th and won nearly $100,000.  That event proved to be the starting point of his poker career.  Not bad at the age of 21.

John has also made appearances at the GSN High Stakes Poker TV show.  Oh yeah, did we mention the only real job Dags has ever had was working in a doughnut shop. is still accepting real money USA players.

Another Full Tilt Shark

John is one of the Full Tilt Poker high stakes regulars.  He is one of the most popular pros at Full Tilt and can be seen at the $5,000 NL games and up.  Dagostino seems to be a very responsive person as he regularly chats with the observers at Full Tilt giving them tips and advice on how he plays.

Show me the Accomplishments $$$

While most of John Dagostino’s accomplishments comes in his consistent big cash game winnings here are some of his tournament accomplishments.

John Speaks Out

John Dagostino says one of the biggest turning points in his career was when he played Phil Ivey in 2004 at the Championship at Turning Stone.  John says he really gained the respect of his peers at that tournament.  John has also been featured on GSN high stakes poker and Full Tilt player profiles where pros chat about strategy.

How Johns wins his money online

A huge amount of John’s income comes from online poker at Full Tilt.  You can see John playing at Foxwoods but you’re more likely to see him playing online these days.  Here is one of John’s biggest wins.  Notice how he doesn’t slow play monsters and knows when to go big.  John tends to play loose at times to get callers at times like these.

Poker Event Place Winnings
2011 WPT No Limit Hold’em 59th $11,740
2011 WSOP 10 Game/Six Handed 6th $32,200
2011 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. 31st $6,461
2010 WPT No Limit Hold’em 14th $28,351
2010 WSOP Mixed Events 8 Games 17th $7,585
2010 WSOP Omaha Hi/Lo 18th $21,582
2007 WPT No Limit Hold’em 14th $28,818
2006 WPT Championship Event 72nd $43,935
2006 WPT Championship Event 2nd $591,312
2006 Limit H.O.R.S.E. 2nd $32,010
2004 Poker Stars WPT Caribbean Adventure 5th $99,450
WPT Bogotá Open 4th $349,685
Mirage Poker Showdown 14th $24,000
2004 Championship at Turning Stone 2nd $250,000
2004 World Series of Poker Circuit Event 2nd $33,000


Example Hand History – How John Plays

Schnizeltoe bet/raises to $400

John DAgostino calls $300

Flop  [8d Jc 4c]

Schnizeltoe bets $800

John DAgostino calls $800

Dealer: The turn is [6c]

Schnizeltoe bets $1,700


John DAgostino raises to $32,914.25 and is all in

Schnizeltoe calls $7,939.75, and is all in

John DAgostino shows [3c 2c]
Schnizeltoe shows [As Ac]

John DAgostino shows a flush, Jack high

Schnizeltoe shows pocket Aces

John Wins the pot ($21,679) with a flush

Last Updated: January 24th, 2012

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