Johnny Lodden Biography

Johnny Lodden: 'Biggest cash game player online.'

Johnny Lodden: ‘Biggest cash game player online.’

Johnny Lodden is allegedly known as bad_ip at the internet poker tables.Johnny Lodden is the elite of internet poker professionals.  His screen name is thrown around on forums just about every week.  We believe Johnny was born in 1986 which makes him 20 at the time of this article.  Johnny Lodden is from Norway and plays mostly on the Prima Network under screen name bad_ip.

What We Know About Johnny

Some say Johnny Lodden prefers to keep his identity down to a minimum.  There could be various reasons he does this and many say it is for tax purposes.  It is also possible that he likes to remain anonymous for deceptive purposes during his online play.

Johnny Lodden is an avid golfer.  Like many other poker professionals (Daniel Negreanu) he likes to gamble on the course as well.  Soccer is also a passion of his and Johnny tends to watch most of the matches and is a Man fan. is still accepting real money USA players.

Johnny Lodden in the EPT

In year 2006 Johnny Lodden decided to play in a lot of EPT events.  All the placings will be listed below once the tournaments are done for the year.

Johnny Lodden also holds the record for one of the biggest cash games played online.  Johnny also just put up a blog ( a couple months back where he talks about his cash games just about every day.

Tournament Event – Buyin Date Placed Winnings
St Maaten Open $500 12/3/04 1st $26,430
Caribbean Classic $5,000 12/8/04 9th $15,229
Aussie Poker Championship $5,000 01/15/05 5th $6,220
Monte Carlo Millions $25,000 11/20/05 104th $0
Swede NL Championship Skr 10,000 11/24/05 2nd $55,225
Barcelona Open 5,000 9/13/06 14th $26,287
The Irish Masters 5,000 10/26/06 32nd $9,292
EPT Dortmund 5,000 3/8/07 13th $27,387
EPT Grand Finale 10,000 3/28/07 60th $17,699
EPT Dublin 7,700 10/30/07 17th $14,714
EPT Grand Final 10,000 4/12/08 17th $73,263
Bellagio Cup IV 5,000 7/9/08 10th $13,545
WSOP 10,000 9/27/08 11th $98,756
EPT Budapest 4,000 10/28/08 8th $66,577
Spanish Poker Tour 2,300 12/17/08 6th $15,924
40th WSOP 3,000 6/28/09 57th $8,037
Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure 10,000 1/5/10 57th $38,000
41st WSOP 10,000 7/5/10 27th $317,161
42nd WSOP 5,000 6/29/11 59th $12,633
EPT Barcelona 2,000 8/28/11 7th $6,843
EPT San Remo 4,600 10/21/11 9th $62,042

Last Updated: January 24, 2012

If any information in this biography is incorrect please email us at and we will correct it immediately. Information is collected through web research and sometimes interviews.  We try to keep the info as accurate as possible but sometimes rumors take the place of facts by accident.

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