Cliff Josephy Poker Player Biography

Who is JohnnyBax?

The online poker player we know as JohnnyBax is really Cliff Josephy.  His real name is not Johnny Bax like many assume it would be.  For the purpose of this biography we’ll refer to him as JohnnyBax because that is what he prefers.  JohnnyBax was born in Long Island New York and attended the University of Michigan.

He later became a successful stock broker and formed a family in Syosset New York.  After living the stressful life of a broker he decided to give poker a try and has not looked back since.  He has been rated as the best tournament poker player on the internet by various player rating sites.

How JohnnyBax Started With Online Poker

It turns out that JohnnyBax started playing online after watching his father play at PokerStars.  Within one year JohnnyBax was considered the best multi-table tournament player.  JohnnyBax was taught the ropes of online poker by a member of The Crew, Scott Fischman, a multiple WSOP bracelet owner.  He also learned poker methods from a well known online pro called “Sheets”.  This guy named Sheets is rated in the top 10 online players by PocketFives.  At the time JohnnyBax was Sheets stock broker and friend.  JohnnyBax asked as many questions as he could to learn how his friend was building his wealthy empire from online poker. is still accepting real money USA players.

How He Became Famous

JohnnyBax was already famous because of his online play but was a subject to instant worldwide fame when he won a WSOP Seven Card Stud World Series event.  Before the tournament began JohnnyBax didn’t even know how to play Seven Card Stud.  After getting some pre-game advice from friend Scott Fischman he entered the $1,500 event and turned it into a World Series of Poker bracelet.

JohnnyBax Get’s Busted Up By Johnny Chan

Bax’s first encounter with Chan at the World Poker Tour event at the Bellagio turned out to be degrading.  Bax found himself heads up with Johnny Chan.  Bax held pocket Kings while Chan held pocket Aces.  Bax decided to slow roll his Kings until the turn when Chan miss bet the pot wanting to put 4,000 in as a bet but instead bet 13,000.  Chan said, “I misread the suit of fourth street.”  After the floor decided that the bet must stand JohnnyBax said he was all-in.  Chan called immediately and almost had his chips in before the words “all-in” finished rolling off Bax’s tongue.  The river card was a blank and Johnny Bax was knocked out of the tournament.


JohnnyBax has won over $400k playing in live tournaments and even more playing online.  He is a Triple Crown winner of the PocketFives tournament ranking and is holding his ground every month.  The most notable win was at the WSOP Seven Card Stud event where his true name of Cliff Josephy was finally revealed.  According to a interview JohnnyBax doesn’t play in as many big weekend events because he likes to spend time with his family.

Tournament Event – Buyin Date Placed Winnings
No Limit Hold’em 5k 12/8/11 5th $25,906
No Limit Hold’em – Championship Event 2.5k 11/20/11 6th $73,653
WSOP Triple Chance 1.5k 6/7/11 37th $7,453
WSOP Six Handed 1.5k 6/6/11 172nd $2,954
WSOP H.O.R.S.E. 1.5k 6/16/10 19th $6,877
WSOP No Limit Hold’em 1.5k 6/2/10 85th $4,866
WPT Championship Event 25k 4/18/10 10th $56,439
NAPT No Limit Hold’em 4.7k 4/7/10 7th $85,000
WSOP Pot Limit Omaha 5k 6/17/09 3rd $166,771
EPT No Limit Hold’em 9.7k 1/5/09 86th $17,500
WSOP World Championship 10k 7/3/08 386th $28,950
No Limit Hold’em 5k 12/8/07 10th $16,395
WSOP World Championship 10k 7/6/07 446th $29,883
WSOP No Limit Hold’em 5k 6/13/07 46th $12,653
WPT Doyle Brunson Classic 15k 12/14/06 20th $67,655
World Poker Finals 4.8k 11/10/06 2nd $187,132
UltimateBet Championship 5k 9/27/06 2nd $446,975
WPT No Limit Hold’em 5k 9/13/06 3rd $86,500
WSOP 7 Card Razz 1.5k 7/22/06 4th $39,080
NL Holdem WPT Championship 25k 4/18/06 12th $146,460
NL Holdem WPT Championship 9.7k 1/29/06 11th $22,174
NL Holdem WPT Main Event 15k 12/12/05 81st $24,150
NL Holdem WPT Championship 5k 9/26/05 65th $6,000
NL Holdem Borgata Open 1.5K 9/14/05 20th $2,025
Seven Card Stud WSOP 1.5K 6/09/05 WIN $192,150
NL Holdem WPT Main Event 7.8K 1/05/05 53rd $11,600
NL Holdem World Poker Finals 2k 11/05/04 18th $4,065

Last Updated: January 24, 2012

If any information in this biography is incorrect please email us at and we will correct it immediately. Information is collected through web research and sometimes interviews.  We try to keep the info as accurate as possible but sometimes rumors take the place of facts by accident.

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