888 Poker Mac & Bonus Review

888 Poker Mac & Bonus Review Cliff Notes
  • Rated as one of the top sites for having the most fish.
  • The poker room can feel chunky at times but it's not bad because of the 3D and customization
  • The use of a cam while playing is pretty unique if you're into that
Bonus 100% up to €300

888 Poker Review

888poker, also referred to as Pacific Poker will automatically give you 100% up to $400 using the links to 888poker.com on this page. The first $100 is automatic credited and the next $300 is a pending bonus released when you play.

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888Poker does not accept US players (US Mac and Linux sites denoted by apple or penguin images). We recommend you choose another Mac online poker site if you are not in a 888poker accepted area.

Linux / Java 888 Poker Software

Pacific Poker will detect if you’re on a Mac and take you to the Mac specific software. But, if you’re on Linux you will have to use this special 888 Poker linux “no download” software. In this case or if you just want the no download software then go to 888Poker.com ’s homepage and on the left hand side you will see a button for the “No Download” java version. If you’re having trouble getting the software started make sure to temporarily allow popups.

Best Attributes of 888 Poker

The best attribute by far is the bad players at this poker room. Many believe they have the worst poker players of any poker room. We’ve done some interviews on why this phenomenon was said by so many 888 Poker players. We came up with these results for the reason why players seemed to win so much at this poker room.

1. The poker room is connected to the casino. Many casino players try their luck at the poker tables without knowing how to play.

2. Pros and players who like to play multiple tables at once stay away from this poker room. 888 Poker’s software only lets you play one table at a time. Pros like to play more than one table to increase their hourly win rate and thus stay away from 888 Poker.

Update: 888 Poker now allows you to play more than one table. This was long over due and I’m glad to see they finally went through with the upgrade.

3. The large up front bonus. This is one of the only poker room that gives the bonus up front before raked hands are played. To prevent from fraud they require raked hands before you can cash out the bonus. New players take this bonus to the $100 tables and for the most part lose it very quickly. Play the $100 tables. They are hot spots for making money.

Worst Attributes at 888 Poker

888 Poker does not have the best graphics. Disconnects are sometimes frequent and the games have a tenancy to lag. If they could fix all the funky bugs this would be a close contestant to the #1 Mac-Java site.

Tight or Aggressive Room

This is a very aggressive poker room. Players do not raise a whole lot at this poker room but they are notorious to have ton of “calling stations”.

Tournaments at 888Poker

Besides the standard Sit and Go’s and multi-table tournaments 888 Poker has some really good guaranteed tournaments. The more common ones are the $30,000 and $50,000 events.

Bad Beat Factor at 888 Poker

Bad beat factor is very high. Pre-flop raises will frequently get called by four or five players increasing the chance of bad beats tremendously. Players love flush draws at this poker room and they are not afraid to gamble with their money. This comes from the casino/poker room relation. Do not slow play your aces, kings, or queens pre-flop.

888 Poker Freerolls

There are a ton of freerolls but the prize pool is extremely low. There are no requirements to get into the freerolls but the tournament size usually consists of 2000-3000 players for a total prize pool of $50-$100. Spend your time on better things than these freerolls.

888 Poker Bonus

The reason this is the best bonus on the internet is because they give it to you up-front. No raked hands required. This is the only online poker room that offers an up front deposit poker bonus. The maximum bonus you can get is $400 on your first deposit and to receive the full $400 you must deposit $400. They give you 100% upfront of whatever you initially deposit so if you deposit $100 you get $100 instantly credited. You earn the other 75% of the bonus through credits and playing.

Uniqueness at 888 Poker

The bonus and the bad player phenomenon. In a search of over 50 poker rooms which we played at, only Party Poker had such bad players. In a survey done at a popular poker forum, 888Poker.com and Party Poker were rated as the best poker rooms to make money.

Mac System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  • CPU of 400 MHz Power PC
  • Operating System: G4
  • OS X Ram – 128 MB or greater

Browser Requirements: Must have one of the following for Mac OS X

  • Internet Explorer 5.2
  • Apple Safari 1.0
  • Mozilla
  • Other browsers will work but these are the most popular ones for Mac 888 Poker.
100% up to €300
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Bonus 100% up to €300.
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